Xyzia's location in Europe

Xyzia, officially the Kingdom of Xyzia, is a country in the North Atlantic Ocean, on the man-made heart-shaped islands.

General Information

  • Official name: Kingdom of Xyzia
  • Other names: Xyzian Islands, Islands of Xyzia, Xyzia
  • Capital city: Rodinium
  • Population: 8,540,000
  • Languages: English (official), Japanese (regional), Xyzian (state)
  • Currency: Xyzian Pound


The history of the Xyzian Islands dates back to 1913, when a European multi-billiardaire started the Xyzia Project. Two heart-shaped islands were to be created in the North Atlantic Ocean, on which a new country was to be created from scratch. The main objective of the project was to create a peaceful place in a time of European wars, and to establish a country which was to set an example for future societies. Within two years, all of the islands were completed, and terraforming and flora- and fauna-transplantation began. A few km of East Coast, an enormous Solar and Wind Energy Field was created.

From 1918, the ten cities were being build on certain areas of the island. Within a few years, all of the cities had been completed. The era of colonization began when two million elected people were given the Xyzian nationality in 1920, and many people moved to the islands.


High and Lower Court

Xyzia is a Unitary parliamentary constitutional Monarchy, with the King also being the Prime Minister of the country. When the King functions as the Prime Minster, he has the power to single-handedly enforce any law. However, the Xyzian High Court can veto any of the King's decisions at any given time. Also, the High Court hold the power to force the King to abdicate by voting.

The Xyzian islands are known for advocating tolerance and diversity ever since its foundation in 1915. The private practice of liberal religion is allowed and encouraged, and there are two places of worship for all of the major religions. However, it is prohibited for children under the age of 16 to enter any of these churches, as is it forbidden to adhere to any intolerant facets within any of the religion's scriptures. Xyzian citizens are allowed to elect their own government from the age of 18 from the following political parties:

High Court

Lower Court

Laws and Rights

The constitution was written even before the island were officially recognized as sovereign countries; and it well known for its tolerance and freedom. The Kingdom of Xyzia was the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage (followed by The Kingdom of the Netherlands as far 81 years later). The country's citizens also enjoy complete private religious freedom. When religion poses a threat to tolerance and freedom, not changing one's beliefs will result in deportation. For this reason, female-oppressing paragraphs in the Qur'an as well as homophobic parts of the Bible have been removed. 


Ten Cities

At the time of the creation of the country, ten planned cities were established. Later, several other cities emerged. In order of current population, the cities of Xyzia are (ten cities bolded):

  1. Rodinium (5,000,000)

    Map of Xyzia

  2. Paradisium (1,000,000)
  3. New South Rodinium (800,000)
  4. Freedom City (250,000)
  5. The Gate (225,000)
  6. Atlantis (185,000)
  7. Qilnu Major (120,000)*
  8. Qilnu Minor (94,000)*
  9. Willow (93,000)
  10. Inlands (90,000)
  11. Sealand (88,000)
  12. South Gate City (85,000)

  • Qilnu Major and Qilnu Minor were originally called Great and Small Waterland respectively. However, after the Xyzian Language Boom, the whole area came to be known as Qilnu, and the names of the cities were changed.


International English (English of no particular accent or dialect) is the official language on all the islands except Legacy Island, where Japanese is the official language due to the fact that most of its citizens emigrated from Japan. In some neighbourhoods of Rodinium, Paradisium, New South Rodinium and Sealand, a significant number of people speak Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, French, Italian and Portuguese.

The official State Language is Xyzian, a constructed language that is specifically designed to be the easiest-to-understand language for hypothetical extra-terrestial visitors. Children born into 1920s-settler families were educated in the Xyzian language and were encouraged to use the language amongst each other. For the first few decades, Xyzian remained a secondary language, only spoken by young people on certain occasions. From the 1960s, Xyzian replaced English as the most widely spoken language on the islands. This period was called the Xyzian Language Boom. English's official status was never changed.

Even though Xyzian is the most widely spoken language in the country, National news broadcasts have remained English. Regional broadcasts may vary from place to place.


Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Xyzian Script



Several airports are located in the country, all of which are on the Central Island. Tolerance International Airport serves as a major hub between air traffic from Africa, Europe and the Americas. The airports located on the Central Island are:

  • Tolerance International Airport
  • Freedom International Airport
  • Paradise International Airport
  • The Gate Airport
  • Inlands Airport

Other transport

Xyzian public transport is operated by the state-owned enterprise 'XyMe'. Their entire network consists of durable trains. As green energy is readily available to all citizens of the kingdom, non-electric cars are prohibited.

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