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History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian

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Xun Sinica
Timeline: History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian (Ætas ab Brian)
(and largest city)
Ben Shi Qian
Sinican (Zhongwen)
  others various local dialects
Government Oligarchy
title of chief of government name of chief of government
Area proper= 6 567 846 km²
Population 1 105 684 663 (1440) 
Established 2089(1336)
Currency Yahuo

Among Xun and his followers' agendas was the 'renaturalisation' of Sinica and the removal of what they perceived as Roman manipulation. This included the reversion of the 'Darlit Calendar Year' and its replacement with the 'Xun Epoch' set as having started in 2047(1294), 2193AUC(1440) is then the 146th year.

A number of high ranking intellectuals in the Xun administration also set in motion policies of eugenics with the stated aim of improving society and Sinica's world status. An ethnic based population control was enacted and the first census was completed in 2094 (753 820 000). Whereas Rome's certain unnamed programme was a eugenics of sorts, focusing on removing socio/psychopathic elements, the Sinican systems focused more on inheritable high IQs and the elimination of congenital defects.

For all its destruction and Human suffering, Xun's revolution was what brought Sinica into the modern age as a super power. The Nanchao had not even fully utilised the vaposcurr designs given by Rome to aid their development. A large part of Sinica's growth was its Science Foundation which was inspired by the ADAs but wholly unique in structure and management.

When computactors began gaining prominence in the 2140's, Sinica's was noted to be rather bulky and awkward as its renaturalisation policies called for the systems to be based largely on Sinican characters, even though a simplified Zhongwen script called Zhengjian was developed at the same time by the government for just such an application.


Xun Sinica is the core of the Pan Asian Bloc, there is no PAB without it. Like a mirror of the Muscovites (or perhaps the other way around), Sinica, even when dealing with its friendly allies of the PAB, still sported a superiorist attitude.

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