The Foundation of the Kingdom of Xi

Xi was made, like the other Post-Han Dynasty Kingdoms, after the First Sinican Civil War. The mountains of Xi
Kingdom of Xi

The Kingdom of Xi

protected it from the larger kingdoms around it. The protection orders that started in this kingdom protected the Dukes thereof and the rights of those Dukes. These Dukes not only protected their rights from being usurped by the King but actually forced the King to have his successor be elected by these Dukes. Xi became a center of monetary trade and industry and they used these profits to gain the food which they could not grow for themselves. Xi interacted closely with their smaller neighbor kingdoms and these would eventually for the Sinican Council and the United Kingdom. Xi remained neutral to the other large states and never engaged in a war until the Sino-Japanese War.

Leaders of the Kingdom of Xi

King Shudu 叔度 635-657 (118-96 BC)

King Hu 胡 657-665 (96-88 BC)

KIng Huang 荒 665-678 (88-75 BC)

King Li 厲 678-694 (75-59 BC)

Archduke Wu 武 694-712 (59-41 BC)

Archduke Yi 夷 712-720 (41-33 BC)

Archduke Gong 共 720-724 (33-29 BC)

Archduke Huan 桓 724-732 (29-21 BC)

Archduke Xuan 宣 732-739 (21-14 BC)

Archduke Dai 戴 739-751 (14-2 BC)

Archduke Ai 哀 751-765 (2 BC- 12 AD)

Archduke Mu 穆 765-774 (12-21 AD) immigrated to Song-Tang Commonwealth, ruled in exile.

no successor

Duchies of The Kingdom of Xi

1. Xi'an 西安
Shaanxi prfc map

The Ten Duchies of the Kingdom of Xi

2. Ankang 安康

3. Baoji 宝鸡

4. Hanzhong 汉中

5. Shangluo 商洛

6. Tongchuan 铜川

7. Weinan 渭南

8. Xianyang 咸阳

9. Yan'an 延安

10. Yulin 榆林


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