Xathbar is a mountainous land long said to be at the (north) eastern edge of the World. It has a beautiful green west and a scenic mountainous east, and is often said to be a holy land in its own right, like the Land of the Temples. It faces the Sanmadin Sea, and has a small string of mountainous isles just off its southern shore (and running parallel to it, not seen in the world map). Like the Land of the Temples, it is renowned for its hot springs and artistic works. Nonetheless, the Land of the Temples is dominated by three major religions (sun worship, Mother Spring polytheism, and Mutualism) and Xathbar is dominated by two other major religions (the Cult of the Gold Conifer (Blossomtreeism) and Earth-Sea goddessism). (Note: Conifers already existed in the Permian world, and while flowers would have developed later than the Permian era, the Permian Extinction: Civilization world knows the beauty of elaborately colored, developed, and decorated leaves, which is what is meant by "blossom". Also, the natures of the religions are approximated into English for easier understandability - for now.)

Note: The location of Xathbar (part of China) is apparently in question paleogeographically. I tacked it to the subcontinent stretching out from the land of the Temples, as per the older Blakey maps, but younger (?) Blakey based maps show Xathbar in a different location, between that peninsula and the big island of Yatolwi.

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