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Nations to speak of

New Caledonia
Timeline: History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian (Ætas ab Brian)
  others Nihonian, Sinican, Latin
title of chief of government name of chief of government
Established 2219(1466)

1988(1235) Although so soon after it had become a protectorate, Xaputania began experiencing problems with the Roman garrison and ship crews stationed there: those stationed on the island were not Rome’s finest. After some disciplinary action, the situation becomes nominally under control.

2059(1306) Heavy bombings by the Nihonians increase the native’s dissatisfaction with Roman control.

2067(1314) with the end of the great war, Xaputa king Ngero, who was also displeased with the casualties and lack of protection during the war, called for Roman withdrawal now that the Nihonian threat is gone for good. He was from the start willing to let the naval base remain in Roman hands. Negotiations and public demonstrations began.

2075(1322) After negotiations and CM mediation, Xaputania became a semi-autonomous territory, the major naval bases on the island remain under Roman control.

2218-9(1465-6) The naval base is decomissioned and most of the equipment is sold to various buyers.

2219(1466) Following the dissolution of the Empire, Xaputania is given full independence.

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