Xanux was a Hill tribal city founded in 121 AD in northeastern China. It was the capital of Hill China and the largest population center of Hill tribesmen in China.


The city was founded in 121 AD after the Hill tribe conquered all of China. It served as the home of the emperor and home for more than one million Hill tribesmen.

Post Hill Dynasty

After the fall of the Hill Dynasty as a major power in China, Xanux was an independent casare. In 434, it was sieged by the Chinese, but the siege was broken by the Hills in 441. Until 903, it was an independent kingdom.

Major Structures

The Wind Oracle-a massive hollow boulder in which members of the Church of the Sicans believed could foretell the weather and natural disasters.

The Hidden Castle-a massive palace for the emperor/casarche and a huge military base...located entirely underground, with an intricate series of hallways and 8 stories to connect it.

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