The X’enar are a terrifying and ruthless amalgamation of biologically advanced, arthropodal aliens. Dedicated to the pursuit of genetic perfection, the X’enar relentlessly hunt down and assimilate advanced species across the galaxy, incorporating useful genetic code into their own. The X’enar was seeded on the planet of Zerus by an unknown species, widely believed to be the Phantoms who also created the Mechs. They evolved over 32 million years ago, with an Overmind that controlled all the X’enar. The Overmind was created with an overwhelming directorate to assimilate other species in the galaxy, in order to further strengthen the Swarm.

The X'enar were "tamed" by the Terrans 21 million years ago, and became a client species after the Terrans figured out how to take control of the Overmind through psi emitters.


The X’enar as a whole are extremely tough, tenacious, and deadly. Their natural armor and weaponry is comparable to modern technology in terms of toughness and armor-piercing capabilities. The X’enar are extremely resistant to chemical agents, but their biological nature still renders them vulnerable to concentrated radiation, such as sigma radiation.

All X’enar are capable of surviving in all environments, including the vacuum of space. While X’enar must eat and rest, they do not have to rest for a long time, such as humans must. They also cannot die of old age. X’enar have the ability to quickly burrow underground in a matter of seconds, and are able to literally “swim” underground, which is extremely useful in ambush situations.

The X’enar are capable of rapid regeneration, able to replace dead cells in a matter of minutes. Given enough time, a grievously injured X’enar will recover to full strength.

X’enar structures are giant organs, and draw their substance from the creep, which binds all the X’enar structures together into one giant macro-organism.

The X’enar evolve regularly by the hour, and adapt rapidly to any situation.

Warp Travel

The X’enar are able to create rifts into warp space to transport themselves at faster-than-light speeds. These rifts have been utilized multiple times.

Physical characteristics

The X’enar are a variety of creatures, which have all been assimilated into the Swarm. The X’enar usually takes over planets, assimilate the various creatures living there, and strip mine the planet. While they possess no actual technology, their bodies are enough to take on armies of much higher technological caliber.

X’enar do not mate in the normal sense- instead, they are hatched form larvae. These larvae are spawned from Hatcheries, which can spawn any type of X’enar creature.

X’enar buildings are created through the evolution of a simple drone, which will begin to morph slowly into a “structure”. These “structures” provide breeding grounds and other roles for the Swarm.

X'enar Spawning Cycle

Building Cycle

The X’enar buildings are literally morphed from their drones, which gives them numerous abilities, such as the ability to heal. However, they require nourishment to live from the creep.

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