China in 2000 after the Americans debt had risen sky high give them a choice to cede Canada and California or face war. America responds saying no and WW3 began ...

This is a choice/roll game. Say what you have and the more Americans that won the roll. They beat China sorta like 14 rolls were American victories, six were Chinese America would win. I'll post if it's a decisive regular or costly victory.

Chinese first advances and American counter attack NATO joins America and most Asian nations, excluding Taiwan, join China.

Chinese soldiers under the command of Min Chu Watzon board vessels and one month later invade Alaska with 100,000 ill-equipped and slightly trained troops land in Alaska against 40,000 American troops way better equipped and trained but outnumbered severely. Now it's your choice. Roll random number 1 through 5 - Chinese win - 6 through - 10 Americans win. Next part coming soon.

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