Wú Mínguó
Republic of Wu
File:Flag Wu (VegWorld).svg
Location of Wu Map Wu (VegWorld)
Official language Mandarin Chinese, Wu Chinese
Capital Nanjing
Largest City Nanjing
Population 14,771,000
HDI 0.914
Republic formed 1912
Currency Chinese Yuan (CNY)
Our Timeline Equivalent Northern and southwestern Jiangsu, and Anhui provinces (PRC)

Wu was formerly called the Republic of China (中華民國 / Zhōnghuá Mínguó). It controlled most of what is now Wu and Jonggwo. However, they were toppled in Jonggwo by a socialist government. The area that is now Wu continued to be called the Republic of China for a few years, until there were protestations by the other ethnic Chinese nations (including Jonggwo), at which time it changed its name to Wu. The Republic of Wu is near the area that used to be the Kingdom of Wu. It is a founding member (along with Jonggwo) of the Chinese Union.



92% Vegetarian
08% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

99% Han Chinese
01% other


36% Freethinkers
18% agnostic
18% atheist
41% Buddhist*
17% Daoist*
03% Jain
03% other
(*Buddhism and Daoism are practiced together by many people. Also, even atheists and agnostics sometimes take part in some religious rituals, even if they aren't religious.)


65% Mandarin
23% Wu
09% Hui
03% other

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