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Worlds Torn Asunder explores the possibility of the British Empire more carefully managing its many colonies to the point of preventing the American revolution in 1776 from succeeding.


In this timeline following the failure of the American Revolution known as the Continental Rebellion officially, and more commonly Washington's Rebellion, the Napoleonic Wars continued up until the Battle of Trafalgar with a more powerful French Naval presence, and a few minor engagements outside of our own Timeline.

With More manpower and Material being devoted to holding the British Colonies from the French abroad than in OTL Admiral Nelson was with a lack of supplies he required at the Battle of Trafalgar and was forced to fight the United Franco-Spanish Armada at a severe diadvantage. With many of his ships badly in need of Provisioning he erronously sent ten of his 27 ships to Gribraltar to resupply. With no other choice, Nelson's 17 Ships Vs the Franco-Spanish Armada's 33 ships was a battle he would have to fight. The battle was one of the most decisive and was to decide the Naval supremacy of Europe and the possibility of the invasion of Great Britain proper. Following the battle at Tafalgar which was a narrow defeat as Admiral Nelson authorized the use of unorthodox tactics to help fight the fleet more than double his size, the Admiral with the HMS Victory, and one other badly damaged warship returned to Britain. The following months were Hectic, Napoleon was reportedly preparing a massive invasion of the British Isles. People started to Charter ships, find rides on ships sailing for British colonies, mostly in the Americas, and the ships Nelson had sent to Gibraltar were stuck fighting a disadvantageous naval war with the French for the next four years.
The Fateful day came on the 13th of March 1806. Following constant bombardments and the channel being completely secured by the French navy the Invasion began led personally by Napoleon. His Genius was unmatched and the British forces lost many engagements along their coast forcing them to fall back to a now Surrounded London. with thousands attempting to leave the country and slip the French Blockades the admiralty of the British navy made the executive decision that the situation in the homeland was becoming disastrous. The King and multiple high borne families were pulled from the country, some very eager to leave, others like King George had to be knocked out and forced onto a boat to leave the country. Less than three months after the invasion and following massive resistance all throughout, Britain had officially been cut off. After a long line of British defeats a general known as George Clayworth, recently appointed, managed to secure a string of victories and establish the Scotland Line, which was the series of earthworks, and forts which were built to prevent the French from advancing a single step farther. The war in Britain, however, was not just limited to the Scotland line, with many minor battles, and continued strongholds of British forces supported by allies as well as itself throughout the invasion. .This began Britain's long defiance and a drastic change in the Napoleonic wars and the balance of power.
However with the Thirteen colonies secured, it seemed that British victory was assured. However when a French fleet built up out of Brest managed to slip the blockade and move on the American colonies, they managed to incite a rebellion in Louisiana and wage open naval war near America. 
Following the Falling of the British Empire from Europe's major politics Napoleon managed to carve out a large scale European empire made up of much of Western Europe, with much of Eastern Europe remaining independent thanks to Austria and Russia.

Important Nations

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