This is the world timeline for the Age of Asia Althistory where Marco Polo was never born. And increased bandit activity made the Silk road too dangerous to travel. This timeline may also include events as they happened in real life.

(ex. Ming dynasty starts. 1403).

the world a year before divergence
Asia 1300

asia 1300



First sign of Divergence occurs. Increased Bandit activity on the Silk road leaves 60% of all its travelers dead.


  • AUGUST 22

Marco Polo dies at birth. Main point of divergence. His Mother dies two weeks later.

  • September 2

Mali expands East majorly.


  • April 27

Shanghai founded.


  • March 13 

All travel banned along the Silk road in eight European countries.

  • June 18 

Trade starts to decline between the two continents.

  • July 26

Merv Bans the Silk road due to a 89% chance a person will die on the journey. This cuts West Asia off from Central and East Asia.


  • March 1

Mansa Musa dies at the age the age of 18 instead of 57 traveling to the Middle East and is killed by bandits. Instead of Mali becoming a world power it slowly dives into poverty.


  • October 17 

Ottoman Empire starts.


  • May 12- December 1358

Many kingdoms surrounding Mali collapse due to poverty and become bandit zones.


  • May 14

The Bubonic Plague never evolves to become deadly and dies out due to the region of central Asia it started in had a mass migration to South East Asia because of no business opportunities due to the closure of many parts of the Silk road.


  • May 15

Ming dynasty starts in China.

  • AUGUST 24

Many southern Indian Kingdoms join together to create the Eastern Kingdom of Huntka so they can join together their wealth, and natural resources and become a wealthy kingdom.


  • January 31 

China sets its expansion downwards into South East Asia.

  • May 25

Kunming is crowned the new capital of Imperial China from Najing instead of Beijing. This will later help China grow without the Silk road.


  • August 31- May 1467

China helps Tibet expand. Tibet triples in size and becomes the second largest country in Asia.


  • May 30

China and Tibet become allies.


  • April 19

Native Peruvians are introduced to a new Aztec disease called Bynofrium. 

  • November 23

Christian kingdoms Nubia and Alodia are converted to Islam not destroyed


  • March 9

Incan Empire is founded with a population of 234.


  • November 30

Ottoman Empire lose the battle of Varna and is then thrown into turmoil by revolting citizens.


  • December 13

Incan Empire falls to Bynofrium disease and is destroyed. Leaving 23 people who escaped into the Jungle. Machu Piccu never constructed.


  • September 17

Portuguese Navigator Bartolomeu Dias sails around the Cape of Good Hope and then dies in an accident a month later.

  • November 23

The Last Supper` by Leanardo Da Vinci is completed.


  • July 2

Da Vinci makes plans for a flying machine but resources he needs can only be found in East Asia.

  • July 13

Da Vinci makes plans for an illegal trip to Asia with his friends

  • December 25

Crimuni Obuson dies in Mali searching for the lost city of Nubia


  • May 12
Areas of the Bandit zones in west Africa decide to unite into a single country. 

The world in 1490

  • June 23

Da Vinci sets off to Asia with a small group of friends

  • August 26

Republic of Ghana becomes the first democracy since ancient Greece.


  • January 12

A Chinese galleon sets off East from Beijing.

  • February 23

Revolts for independence start in the Vietnam province of South East China.

  • March 23

The Pope is assassinated in his home in the Vatican city, Kingdom of Naples.

  • June 12

Buddhism spreads from China, Eastern Kingdom of Huntka and Tibet to Persia and Pakistan.


  • May 30

Vietnam Province wins the battle of Hanoi against China in it's quest for independence.

  • June 26

Ireland is annexed by France and Spain due to the running out of resources on the mainland.

  • June 29

The Poland-Hungary Balkan wars start.

  • July 12 

The Chinese gallon lands in Alaska and expansion begins. Shanijing is the first Alaskan city.

  • July 29

Da Vinci enters Tibet.

  • July 31

Da Vinci is introduced to Buddhism.

  • August 8

Spain annexes Portugal.

  • August 12

Holy Roman Empire ends and becomes Gervaru.

  • August 17

A few soldiers in Alaska go back on the gallon to bring the news of a new land.

  • August 26

Da Vinci converts to Buddhism.

  • December 21

Da Vinci leaves Tibet for China


  • June 2

Poland lost war with Hungary.

  • June 18

Spain invades Portugal.

  • December 25

Buddhism spreads to Poland and Muscovite.

  • December 30

Muscovite territory is renamed the Markovitch republic.


  • February 12

Da Vinci arrives in China.

  • February 13

The galleon arrives in Kunming with the news of the new land.

  • June 18

Spain and France invade Ireland. and Tibet changes its flag and coat of arms.

  • August 23

Vietnam Province wins its independence. It's named the Nam Republic. The third ever world democracy. (With the exception of Athens, Ancient Greece.

  • December 17

Namesse National Constitution is written.


  • may 5

Flag designed and border agreement final in Nam.

  • June 1

Laws officially made and currency decided in Nam, Currency change in Tibet.

  • June 12

Nam legalizes gay marriage.

  • September 23

France successfully captures Ireland and starts extracting natural resources.

  • November 12

News about a new land reaches Tibet_  and Eastern Kingdom of Huntka,

  • December 17

Leanardo Da Vinci writes back to Europe saying he will not be returning and he also mentions his new religion. The letter is expected to reach his hometown by 1500.


  • January 23

A small civilization made up of the Inca survivours starts on the East coast of South America it is named locally as Vertigo.

  • February 7

The European wars start. France, Gervaru and Spain against Poland, Denmark, Sweden and England.

  • February 10

The European Wars end after three days because of the Glasgow treaty.

  • March 12

Eastern Kingdom of Hunka sets sail for the new land.

  • October 31
News of the new land reaches Denmark. Buddhism spreads in Gervaru and France. 

The world in 1497

  • November 12

Naples is renamed Italia. An unofficial kingdom is destroyed in East Africa


  • April 30

Eastern Kingdom of Huntka's ships land in OTL Australia and claims a large amount of land.

  • May 17

Mali begins a massive expansion operation around the bandit zones, it now borders the sea and the unofficial kingdom of Congo.

  • May 28

China and Tibet make contact with Europe and decide to re-open the silk road. Muslims in Qatar meet Buddhists for the first time.

  • June 25

Qatar expands up into Turkish no mans land to aid the trade mission and clear bandits to better their economy.

  • December 21

Qatar finishes expansion and is renamed the Peoples Islamic Republic or P.I.R. 

  • December 28

France and Denmark send ships west to find land.


  • June 12

Luxemburg is bought by Hungary.

  • July 1

Spain starts expanding down into Africa. Silk Road re-opened.

  • August 9

Congo becomes an official country. Congo Starts expansion downward.

  • September 28

Zambian Republic is born out of the unofficial kingdom of Zambia.

  • November 18

Zambia and Congo come up with a same currency among other things. They agree to expand to each other's borders and thus the Congo-Zambia commonwealth is born.


  • April 9

Siberia begins to expand East. 

  • April 29

Markavitch Republic expands East.

  • May 23

Denmark lands in Canada (OTL)

  • June 8
France lands in Mexico (OTL)

World in 1499

  • September 30

China Expands in Alaska (OTL) and grabs most of its coast.

  • October 27

French soldiers raid an Aztec city for gold but are forced to retreat after losing.

  • November 30

News of Da vinci arrive in Italia. Public starts to research into Buddhism. Quite a few convert.


  • January 23

Easter Kingdom of Huntka starts shipping their prisoners to Australia. (OTLFebruary 12 A native tribe starts a small city called Maj in America (OTL)

  • February 18

Buddhism starts rapidly spreading in Italia.

  • March 28

People's Islamic Republic starts expanding into Africa and takes over last bit of no man's land in Arabian Peninsula.

  • April 30

Ghana Republic starts military action in the bandit zone. Expands slightly.

  • May 21

Ireland begins revolting against the French. also Chinese government start looking at documents from Da Vinci.

  • June 23

After selling his documents Da Vinci settles in Bhutan Province, China

  • July 25

Chinese make contact with the Majians.

  • August 27

Aztec empire expands.

  • August 28

Expansion age begins.

  • '.'September 31

Maj begins expansion north with China's help

  • November 2

China begins expanding in Alaska (OTL)

  • December 30

Ghana defeats bandits.


  • January 15

    the world in 1501

Ghana takes over bandit zones.

  • February 15

Pakistan invades Indian Kingdoms*

February 17 China- Indian Kingdoms trade route cancelled

  • April 24

Japan Expand into mainland Asia.

  • April 27

Spain sends a ship to the New World.

  • June 13

France expands in the New World.

  • August 27

Denmark expands in the New World.

  • September 24

Tibet claims the last bit of no man's land in West Asia.

  • November 31

Congo claims massive piece of no man's land.

  • December 2

Denmark claims the very bottom of Africa.


  • February 8

Sudan begins to expand.

  • March 28

Kenya is founded

  • March 29

Zambia invades and takes over the last unofficial kingdom in Africa.

  • July 30

Spanish ship sinks in Atlantic.

  • September 29

Virtigo expands.

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