In World of No Hope a Civil War Ocurs in Papua New Guinea And The USSR, The USA, Australia, and Indonesia All Divide it Into Occupation Zones to Administer it.


  • Oct. 17: Due to 36 Murders Against Black People, a Civil War is Started By the Pangu Party Which Was Founded in that Same Year.
  • Oct. 19: Due to It Getting so Violent Peacekeeping forces from the USSR, Australia, and The USA Entered the Country and Divided it Into Occupation Zones.
  • Oct. 20: The Occupation Zones are Decided And Indonesia Enters. Indonesia will get The Jungles of the West. The USSR The Islands of The East. The USA The North. Australia, The South and They Will All Jointly Administer Port Moresby.
  • Oct. 21: An Australian Convoy Heading towards Daru Is Attacked By a Group of 19 Pangu. The Pangu Kill seven of the 16 Australian Men in the Convoy Before they Were Shot at By The Australians.
  • Nov. 25: On Thanksgiving for A Group Of The Occupying Countries Soldiers Is Ambushed Dining In a Social Grouping No Soldier sare Killed and The Pangu Attackers are Killed
  • Nov. 29: an Indonesian Soldier Accused of Killing a Pangu Activist is Killed By Rioters on the Streets of Vanimo.


  • Jan. 16: After 2 Months of Quiteness 3 Soviet T-55 Tanks Burst Through The Gates of The Soviet Embassy in Port Moresby to Rescue Hostages Taken 3 Hours Earlier All of The Hostage Takers are Killed and The Hostages are Released.
  • Jan. 18: In Protest of the Soviets Killing of the 24 Hostage Takers 4 Soviet Soldiers are Killed by a Crowd of about 500 People The Riot is Crushed When A Group of Riot Police and Soviet Soldiers Fire Onto The crowd killing 5 People
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