This timeline showcases a world where the 1950's essentially never ended. Things in classic 50's pulp fiction become a reality (nuclear-powered cars, miniaturized fusion cells, robots, etc.).



The World of Tomorrow is home to cars similar to the Motorama concept vehicles of the 1950's; tail-finned chromed behemoths powered by nuclear fusion engines. The World of Tomorrow also excelled at robotics, with robots being integrated into society at all levels, both military and civilian alike. Hovering housecleaning robots helped out the family at home, protectrons acted as security for the world's metros.

Political Situation

The world is still in the Cold War. Mao Zedong died in 1990, with reformers like Deng Xiaoping being caught in the Cultural Revolution, and Mao's policies became imprinted into the country. The Soviet Union is a state capitalist nation much like OTL's PRC, keeping the single-party political system but gradually liberalizing the economy. The Iron Curtain of Soviet satellite states collapsed in the 1970's and united with western Europe to create a federal state in the year 2000.

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