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In our timeline, monarchs mostly lost their power during the 20th century. But what if monarchs continued to rule the world until the present day? In this althist, I will tell you about one possibility.

Background and POD

In our timeline the United States of America has always been a republic, rather than a monarchy. But in this scenario, George Washington loses his republican ideals after becoming president, so he crowns himself as King George I of America and abolishes the parliament. Other founding fathers are split between those loyal to the king and those who oppose him, and a civil war occurs, ending in monarchist victory and a new constitution. The French revolution is crushed, because the new United Kingdom of America supports King Louis XVI against the revolutionaries, and Napoleon never rises to power. After WW-I in Europe, many monarchs lose their power, but in this scenario they manage to maintain their power. Also, many countries that gained their independence after WW-I become monarchies instead of republics.

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