World of Lesnaya
An alternate history project by Sven Bluejay
Era Early Modern Europe
POD Battle of Lesnaya (Sept 1708)
Direct Result Swedish victory in the Great Northern War
Indirect Results Swedish ascendancy and colonialism
European colonialism and imperialism; science and exploration

This timeline is a personal project. I welcome comments on talk pages, but I request that you refrain from editing World of Lesnaya articles without discussing it with me first. Thank you.

I am currently in the process of re-invisioning the World of Lesnaya. I primarily intend to tone it down (I was trying to do too much with it in my first go, I think). However, it will be some time in development before I'm ready to begin posting again, so please be patient.

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“World of Lesnaya” is an ironic naming choice. I chose to name my alternate history after the event that didn’t happen, namely, the Battle of Lesnaya (1708). This battle was part of the Great Northern War, in which our history saw a coalition of nations in the Baltic region (Russia, Poland-Lithuania and Denmark-Norway) successfully challenge Swedish supremacy in the Baltic Sea. Being an admitted Swedophile, I would rather have seen Sweden win the war. Being a realist, however, I find myself being somewhat disappointed with the handful of other alternate histories dealing with the Great Northern War (including my first attempt), which have Sweden plow through Russia and springboard to greatness without a hitch. So I constructed my own scenario whereby Sweden can retain its power in the Baltic through victory in the Great Northern War, and thereby remain an important nation into the modern era, while retaining an appreciation for the real limitations that Sweden would undoubtedly face.

I am no historian: this I will admit openly. I am a history buff, but have little access to "real" sources of information. This, combined with a severe shortage of free time, led me to decide on a timeline in which the flow of history is only mild perturbed by the reversed outcome of the Great Northern War, as if a sort of "reverse butterfly effect" were working to prevent divergence from our timeline even as important changes were occurring within and around Sweden. Throughout the 1700's, I only introduce a few novelties, such as the Swedish explorer Thorwald Svanholm. After the Napoleonic Wars is when I begin to introduce occasional real divergences, although these will still not deter the two World Wars in any significant way.

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