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The English rebellion, which creates an independent Nazi-backed Fascist superpower.


Reichstag flag (Finland Superpower)

In the ruins of Buckingham Palace, the Fascists raise their flag

A small rebellion of the Blackshirt organisation leads to (for a short while) the ports of Falmouth and Southampton being unguarded, and open for the Nazis to invade. They do not hesitate, launching a full scale invasion. The British Army, still bruised from Dunkirk, is defeated in the counterattack, and the Nazis push North, reaching London in a week, and forcing the surrender. The surviving members of the British Army flee to hard to reach areas, and commence a Guerrilla war.

Needed Pages

These are pages anyone can make and I would like made:

English Rebellion

  • Operation Sealion went into effect to support it.

WWII Pacific War



Axis Colonization

  • Read the Timeline and look at the map first. (My map has a error, most of Mexico is Spanish controlled).

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