Hello, I am user Dpartida, and welcome all to my world. (I am also using this world for a story I'm writing so... yeah)

In this world, things will be very different from our world. Such as South America being the United States of Columbia, the sister nation of the United States of America. This is my alternate world, however all are welcome to contribute, but I ask you consider your thoughts, and respect each other's changes. One of the reasons I created this world is because the name "Alternity" is already taken, so here we are. If you want to contribute a country, simply type your countries name and include the letters like so: ​Name of your country (WOA)

Welcome, my friends, to the World of Alternatives

History of the World of Alternatives


United States of Columbia (WOA)

United States of America (WOA)

Jutland (WOA)

Hesse (WOA)

Thuringia (WOA)

Copenhagen (WOA)

Schleswig-Holstein (WOA)

Siberia (WOA)

Muscovy (WOA)

Aralia (WOA)

Ingria (WOA)

Chechenya (WOA)

Samiland (WOA)

Kalingrad (WOA)

Karelia (WOA)

Caucasis (WOA)

Novgorod (WOA)

Prussia (WOA)

Rhineland (WOA)

Westphalia (WOA)

Oldenburg (WOA)

Mecklenburg (WOA)

Saxony (WOA)

Hanover (WOA)

Aachen (WOA)

Frankfurt (WOA)

Swabia (WOA)

Newfoundland (WOA)

Union of the North (WOA)

New Caledonia (WOA)

Stickine Republic (WOA)

Alberta (WOA)

Assinboa (WOA)

Acadia (WOA)

Ontario (WOA)

Quebec (WOA)

Xinjiang (WOA)

Tibet (WOA)

Hong Kong (WOA)

Macau (WOA)

Yan (WOA)

Chu (WOA)

Jin (WOA)


Wu (WOA)

Sichuan (WOA)

Manchuria (WOA)

Yue (WOA)



American Revolutionary War (WOA)

Columbian Revolutionary War (WOA)

Spanish-American-Columbian War (WOA)

World War I (WOA)

World War II (WOA)

Cold War (WOA)


Edit: So, now you're going to see "edited by a wiki contributor" for a week because the DICTATOR "Lordgannon" has decided to deny me of my constitutional rights. That is beyond low, but aside from that there is a slight change of plans I wanna talk to you guys about: Here it goes, all other countries are welcome but I only ask that you leave the western hemisphere alone because, well they're already taken, by my versions of the USA and USC. Sorry about that, but all other countries, empires, or whatever are welcome here. Please respect my wishes for this is part of a story I'm writing, and good day. So to whomever created Newfoundland, I'm going to change the history to where it matches my USA history. Thank you.

Edit: Good evening my friends, and I have returned after a long hatius. Busy with school work and my youtube accout. Just so you know I'll be making changes with the Cold War event, but still any is welcome, once again I only ask that you leave the western hemisphere alone. Thank you.

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