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World differences:

The Americas

  • During the Cuban Revolution Venezuela helped Batista with arms, but the July 26 movement won the battle.
  • Communist Cuba would not survive because the Bay of Pigs Invasions is succesfull with the Venezuela army fighting along the Americans.
  • Zelaya, Morales, and Ortega are never presidents, because Chavez was killed in 1992, making a smaller pink tide, with Lula as leader, and now Roussef.
  • Perez Jimenez helped the Americans during many of the central american civil wars.
  • Venezuela is the leader of South America, with Brazil currently competing to take the place. Venezuelan politics are still domined by Democratic Action and COPEI.
  • The Dollar although is not 4,30 Bolivares like in pre-1983 OTL, the dollar is 7,30 Bolivares.
  • USA depends more on Venezuelan oil, like pre-2001.
  • The ALBA doesn't exist.



  • Without the Cuban Missile Crisis some American nuclear missiles are still in Turkey.



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