London was bombed many times during the World Wars, but what if the first a bomb was dropped, the weather was just right, and it caused a massive firestorm. What if it also killed over a hundred thousand people? That is excactly what happened in World Without Flight, and it causes many changes.


On the 31st of May in 1915, during The Great War (OTLs World War One), a firestorm starts in London after the first bombing by Germany. The fire storm kills 100,000 and causes the Ottoman Empire to turn to the Allies, and a major insurgency starts in Bulgaria. After the war, which the Allies win, a proposal comes before The Society For Nations , (OTLs League of Nations) in 1917, to ban all aircraft, it passes almost unanimously with France, the U.K., and the U.S.A. against it, leading to France and the U.K. to leave the Society.

Point of Divergence

31, May, 1915

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