The computer world is dominated by USA and Western Europe on the one hand, and USSR and Eastern Europe on the other. Then in 1982 a team of students in Sofia University creates a uni-web, which contains of text files with hypertext and hyperlinks. It has 200 pages and in end of 1982 it's announced as official websystem of Bulgarian Science Academy and Sofia University. It's a big success for the math department and the government sees a chance of using it for propaganda. It connects with soviet powers and suggests creating such web in USSR. Sergei Borisov sees a revolutionary change in that technology and decides to create Moscow version of the web. It's the second official web after Sofia Web from 1982: Moscow Web 1983.

New road for the web

The Web starts to spread in universities and academies around USSR and Bulgaria and has 290 pages in Bulgaria and 690 in USSR at the end of 1983. It is new.

At the beginning of 1984, Andropov decides that the West must learn about that new invention and announces USSRWEB as upgraded version of Moscow Web on 1 Feb 1984. Bulgaria announces SofiaWeb at 2 Dec 1984 and West thinks that USSR are first.

In 1985 Borisov decides that Bulgarian web is useless and the web must be in use for schools. That is a radical idea,but Gorbachev agrees. In 1986 Russian USSRWEB starts to work in the schools too and has 8002 pages including last President Page of Gorbachev. USA scientists are surprised of the success of the web and decide to create such in USA. In Bulgaria Zhivkov forbids web in schools.

In 1987 Borisov goes to DDR to discuss creating a German filial of USSRWEB. In Bulgaria, SofiaWeb is not well maintained, the Party forbids update and the protocols are different. Borisov works with German scientists and create an airweb document. In 1988 the Berlin Wall falls and the project doesn't happen. In end of 1988 the SofiaWeb is down because of lack of budget.

In 1989 Zhivkov forbids and declares closure of SofiaWeb. So the Bulgarian first web exists from 1983 to 1989. The Bulgarian programmers strike and go to USSR. Todor Zhivkov gives his place to his friend Georgi Purvanov.

In 1990 there is a political crisis in USSR and people want reforms. Gorbachev is liberal and the web spreads in homes. There are 8999 pages and people use them.

In 1991 the work in web are forbidden in Bulgaria and creators go to USSR. There Borisov and they start work on the "SpaceWeb" which has to use satellites to have connection with other countries and space station.

In 1992 in USA is created the USWeb,which has 2435 pages. People there don't see use of this and it isn't success. In Cambridge is created Euq which is the European web. It has 27 pages. In USSR is started CosEse which must be world web.

1993 The CosEse is a failure. Borisov is fired with all other programmers. In USA that gives hope to Americans.

1994 In USA the web is announced as "stupid" and "prison".

1995 In Poland the socialist Party falls from power and democrats win elections.

1996 In USSR there are huge demonstrations. Euq is successful. EU decides to start web in homes.

1997 There are 15 years since creation of web. It has three major webs: USSRWEB with 19,000 users, USWeb with 3000 and Euq with 7000. In USSR Gorbachev forbids Web and TV.

In Moscow transport workers and army strike.

1998 In USA universities start develop parts of web. In USSR Gorbachev falls and democracy begins. In Czechoslovakia democracy starts and Czech and Slovakia are not one country.

1999 In Bulgaria Purvanov falls and democracy begins. In USA web is successful. In Hungary democracy starts.

2000 The 200K problem strikes Euq. The web is down and people are angry. Borisov is back at USSRWEB and decides that that's his chance to win Europe for his web. He starts talking with EU programmers and they create new standard.

2001 The EURAWEB is started. It's EURussiaAsiaWEB and its successor of USSRWEB and Euq.

2002 In 2002 there are 20 years since creation of web. SofiaWeb is started again after 13 years out. In USA USWeb updates to standards of EURAWEB.


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