World War Two in War of Die Welt was from the Nazi Germany Declaration of War on Italy (June 4th 1942) until the October 31st Surrender of the German Remnant.


World War I




Japan-Allies War (War of Die Welt)

World War Two

June 4th, 1942


October 31st, 1950


Europe, North Africa, Middle East


Decisive Allied/Comintern Victory, End of Nazi Germany

Major battles:

List of Battles in World War Two (War of die Welt)


Nazi Pact

  • Nazi Germany
  • Italy (Til 1948
  • Hungary (Til 1949)
  • Poland (Til 1950
  • Romania (Til 1949)
  • Holland (1949)


Casualties and Losses


Italian War (June 6th 1942 - November 1943)

Nazi Pact: Nazi Germany

  • Italy: Italian Kingdom

Eastern War (January 1944 - August 1944)

  • Nazi Pact: Nazi Germany, Italian State
  • Allies: Poland, Czechoslovakia

Battle of France (January, 1945 - April 194)

  • Nazi Pact: Nazi Germany, Italian State, French Nazi Party
  • Allies: France, Netherlands, Belgium, Britain

Balkan Campaigns (July 1946 - May 1947)

  • Nazi Pact: Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia (Late), Hungary (late), Romania (late)Serbia (late)
  • Allies: Croatia (Early), Hungary (early), Romania (early) Serbia (early)

Soviet Expansion (April, 1947 - January 1948)

  • Comintern: Soviet Union, Tuva, Mongolia
  • Anti-Comintern: Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Poland

The Tide Changes (January, 1948 - December 1948)

  • Allies: Britain, Greece, Allied Governments in Exile, France (late), Italy (Late)
  • Comintern (Allied to Allies): Soviet Union, Tuva, Mongolia
  • Nazi Pact: Germany, Italy (Early), Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia,

1949 (January 1949 - December, 1949)

  • Allies: Britain, France, Hungary (Late), Holland (Late), German Rebels (Late), Italy
  • Comintern: Soviet Union, Tuva, Mongolia, Romania, Serbia
  • Nazi Pact: Germany, Poland, Hungary (Early), Holland (Early), Denmark,

Invasion of Germany (January, 1950 - May 1950)

  • Allies: Britain, France, German Rebels, Hungary, Holland, Italy, Austrian Rebels, Czech Union, Denmark (late)
  • Comintern: Soviet Union, Poland (Late), Romania, Serbia, Mongolia, Tuva,
  • Nazi Pact: Nazi Pact, Poland (early), Denmark (early)

Collapse of the Reich (June 1950 - September 25th, 1950)

  • Allies: Britain, France, Czechs, Denmark, Austria, Hungary, Holland, Italy,
  • Comintern: Soviet Union, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Mongolia, Tuva,
  • Nazi Pact: Nazi Germany (Early), Germany Loyal to Hitler (Late)
  • German Rebels: German Rebels, German Military, Nazi Party (late), Bavaria,

End of the War (September 25th, 1950 - October 31st, 1950_

  • Allies: Britain, France, Hungary, Czechs, Denmark, Austria, Holland, Italy
  • Comintern: Soviet Union, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Mongolia, Tuva
  • Hitlers Force: Hitlers Guard
  • German Rebels: German Rebels, German Military, Nazi Party

After the end

  • Allied and Soviet Occupation of Germany
  • Raise of Soviet Union to Military Superpower
  • Japan Runs out of continuous and established trade with Germany
  • International Trial of Nazi War Criminals at The Hague

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