World War One
The Great War
Timeline: Divided States of America

World War One

Location Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Pacific
Result stalemate


                 Great Britain


                 Ottoman Empire


               Raymond Poincaré
                Georges Clemenceau
                Ferdinand Foch
                H. H. Asquith
                David Lloyd George
                Antonio Salandra
                Vittorio Orlando


               Wilhelm II   
                Paul von Hindenburg   
                Erich Ludendorff  
                Franz Joseph I  
                Charles I   
                İsmail Enver  
                Ferdinand I

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WW2 was a large-scale military conflict that included large parts of the world and pitted the Entente powers (France, Great Britain, Russia until 1917, and others) against the Central powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary and others). Many soldiers died in inconclusive trench battles that characterized WW1, losing thousands of troops for less than a mile of advance typically. The result of the war was inconclusive, with the main participants each weakening themselves to try to prevent another world war.


Countries in Europe before WW1 had worked to a great extent to stop a war in Europe by maintaining a balance of power through a complex series of alliances and treaties. In 1879, Germany and Austria-Hungary formed the Dual Alliance between themselves. German chancellor Bismark stopped a war after the 1870s through a complex series of alliances. Britain, Russia and France formed the triple Entente in response to the Dual alliance. German industrial power had grown enormously after their re-unification, and an arms race resulted between the nations of Europe. Austria-Hungary annexed territory of Bosnia, angering Serbia and Russia. On June 28, 1914, the Austrian heir to the king was assassinated in Serbia, causing Austria-Hungary to initiate a war against Serbia, drawing in Russia and therefore France and Britain. World War One had started.


Early Events

Confusion among the Central Powers

Immediately when the war started, the communication between the central powers broke down. Germany and Austria-Hungary had agreed to both invade Serbia, but Germany expected Austria-Hungary to then send most of its troops against Russia while Germany defeats France. Austria-Hungary thought Germany would send its troops to protect them from Russia as they conquered Serbia. This resulted in Austria-Hungary splitting its forces between Russia and Serbia, weakening both offensives.

War in Africa

On August 7, 1910, British and French forces invaded the German colony of Togoland. On the Tenth of August, German forces attacked South Africa, a British colony. The German colonies were soon captured, but German resistance in Africa continued for the remainder of the war.

Country Infantry Mobilized Infantry Losses
France 8,666,000 2,120,548
British Empire 10,841,000 1,215,860
Italy 5,093,000 1,134,728
Japan 812,000 1,237
Belgium 380,000 65,843
Serbia 817,000 326,205
Romania 1,235,000 385,020
Greece 350,000 98,453
Allied Total 28,194,000 5,347,894
German Empire 13,250,000 2,056,032
Austria-Hungary 5,800,000 1,667,629
Ottoman Empire 2,998,000 1,241,720
Bulgaria 1,200,000 174,640
Axis Total 23,248,000 5,140,021