World War One was on of the greatest conflicts in history. There are many causes for the start of the war, but only one is certain; German and French rivalry. Because of France losing the Franco-Prussian War over 40 years before, Europe had been preparing for the second clash of the Continental Titans.


The cause of World War One was this; the assassination attempt on Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. After an unsuccessful bombing attempt, the would-be assassin stepped out and fired 6 shots at the Archduke. His chauffeur saved his life by leaping in front of the aristocrat and taking all the bullets. The crowd then subdued the raged attacker. The chauffeur was rushed to a hospital, where he was saved and given a Cross of Honor. The Serbian government, who had hired the assassin, declared war on Austria-Hungary, and the alliances did the rest.


There was one major campaign in World War One, and two smaller ones; the European Campaign, the African (or Cairo) campaign, and the Formosa Campaign.


The European Campaign (Central Powers Shift East) was the major campaign. It was fought by Italy, Germany, Russia, and Romania on one side, and Serbia, France, Great Britain, Canada, the United States, Belgium, and the Netherlands on the other. The front lines stretched from Brussels to Nice for much of the war. info is not accurate

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