The North American Campaign of World War I was fought between Allied powers the Confederacy, the United States, and Great Britain on one side and the Central powers Mexico, Germany, Rebel Canada, California, and the Caribbean Federation on the other side. It began with the assassination of US president Theodore Roosevelt in July, 1914, sparking a war between Mexico and the United States. One by one, different states in North America picked sides and an all-out war soon erupted. Eventually, with massive German supported, the Central Powers was eventually victorious. Britain had to fight off a rebelion in Canada, and couldn't support her allies the way Germany did. The Confederacy collapsed, and the United States left the war in 1918. Britain signed an armistice with Germany also that year, and Spain left North America in early 1919. World War I was over in North America, and as well as around the world, with the Central Powers victorious.

North American Thetare
Part of World War I
Date August 3, 1914-May, 1919
Location All over North America
  • Collapse and re-organization of the Confederacy
  • Creation of the Central American Union led by Mexico.
  • Total Canadian independence from Great Britain
Aligned with the Allies
  • Confederate States of America
  • Great Britain
  • United States
  • Spain
Aligned with the Central Powers
  • Mexico
  • Rebel Canada (against Britain)
  • Germany
  • California
  • Caribbean Federation


The prime cause of World War I being the hostility between Mexico and the United States, it is hardly surprising that some of the earliest fighting took place between Mexico and its powerful neighbour to the north: the USA. At the time, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado were controlled by the USA, so an American-Mexican border did exist. Mexico held out against the United States for more than a year before it was conquered in late 1915.

Central Powers diplomacy was able to bring California into the war in 1916 but this proved disastrous for the Californians. Shortly after they joined the war, a joint British, Russian, and French task forces invaded from Canada and conquered two-thirds of California in a rapid campaign which ended in December 1916. However, rebel Canadians were able to devastate British supply lines by the Canadian-Californian border, forcing the front to stabilize.

In 1917, the Caribbean Federation entered the war on the Central Powers side, and in 1918, the multi-national Army of Hispanolia, based in western Cuba, launched a seaborne invasion of Louisiana, simultaneously with a German invasion of South Carolina. The Confederacy collapsed by the end of that year. In a massive Californian-German-Mexican-Caribbean offensive, the Central Powers recaptured Mexico and finally halted only at the US-Mexican border in November 1918. The United States signed an armistice with the Central Powers that month. The British would be forced out of Canada and the Spanish out of Puerto Rico the following year, ending the conflict.

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