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World War I Middle Eastern Front (1904: The Great War)

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  • 1905
  • The Emirate of Nejd and Hasa, led by the House of Saud, begins a revolt against the Ottoman Empire, forcing the Ottoman Empire to focus some troops in Arabia.
  • The Ottoman go to war with Persia and begin fighting along the Iraqi Persian border.
  • 1906
  • The Ottoman Empire makes large gains, along with Britain, in Persia. Britain reaches Tehran in late 1906.
  • The Arab revolts become more common in Jordan mostly ambushes on convoys and isolated positions mostly killing Arab irregulars in the ottoman army.
  • 1907
  • Heavy fighting between Russia and the Ottoman Empire in North Persia with Russia retaking Tehran in weeks and most of Northern Persia.
  • Kurds begin to revolt mostly in Iraq mostly with ambushes.
  • Arab begin to revolt in Iraq and Jordan working side by side and are able to take some land.
  • 1908
  • The ottoman are able to stop Russia attack and dig in Tabriz holding off Russian attacks .
  • Persia begin to break the line of defense in the Iraqi Persian border taking Basrah from the Ottoman with Shia Arab help.
  • The ottoman Empire is kicked out of Persia by Russian forces, but are able to stop Russia in the Caucasus.
  • Persia begin to make massive gains in Southern Iraq but also end up fighting with Sunni Arabs.
  • Ottoman lose control of Jordan and Iraq, Leading to Hashemites Mesopotamia begin made.
  • Ottoman begin to lose land in the Caucasus.
  • Ottomans sign an armistice with Russia, ending their war (but not immediately the war with Saudi Arabia).
  • 1909
  • The Ottomans sign the Treaty of Bondy, ending the Ottoman Empire and ceding land to Russia, France, Italy, and some independent countries.

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