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Pre World War 1 map

North America before the war

World War I was the bloodiest war in history. Fought on all inhabited continents everyone was affected by this war in some way or other.

American Theater

When Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Serbia, Confederate president Tom G Jones got congress to declare war on the Yanks and Texes (Confederate slang for East Texans) since both of them had declared war on France. New England declared war on the USA and West Texas, feeling the CSA had made a dirty move declared war (ET was already fighting Mexico). Quebec declared war on Aurora and Ontario, true to their Defensive Pact declared war on Quebec. Cascadia and California declared neutrality and Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba declare war on the USA. Yukon declared war on Russia. New Mexico also declare war on Mexico, and the USD declared an alliance with Deseret, against Yanks. When war was first declared, it looked like the Yanks would win the war for sure. Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas were all partially taken by Yanks. When Ontario, Manitoba, the USD and New England declared war the US was caught off guard. They signed a truce with New England a few weeks after war began, ceding North New York. Illinois, and parts of Iowa and Minnesota were taken by The USD. Not willing to surrender large areas war continued on many fronts. Within a few weeks trench warfare had began and the allies were inching forwards slowly to their goals.

European Theater

In Europe the war began as a war between France, Russia, and Brittan an one side and Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy on the other. Germany marched into Russia slowly and pretty quickly Russia fell to shreds. France was invaded and lost land in many invasions and before long was out of the war.

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