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The Second World War was a global war that involved most of the world's nations. The War spans a grouping of conflicts that gradually became unified as each national power attempted to gain the upper hand on the other. When it ended nearly 230 million people worldwide and is the Second most destructive conflict on the planet before the Third World War. Each nation involved served in a state of "Total War" as the major participants threw every economic, populational and military asset they had against their enemies erasing the distinction between Civilian and Military resources.


Following the drastic shift of Power post WW1 the British essentially began alliance consolidation and propping up the French who had lost the most face during the conflict. Along with this the Great Depression which greatly affected the majority of the worlds countries allowed for the effective rise of Fascism. The First truly noticeable force to be reckoned with was when the German Emperor Wilhelm III inspired by Hitler and his public speaking as well as his ability to rally crowds, pardoned him and appointed him a trusted advisor. While very smart Wilhelm III was becoming more and more paranoid of the surrounding nations following the Death of his wife in an automobile accident in which the automobile was driven by a British Diplomat. Hitler capitalizing on his paranoia managed to shift his hatred of Britain towards France, and even to a lesser degree the Jews whom Hitler blamed for the Great depression and other major issues. The Great Depression which was extremely Brutal in Germany due to economic mismanagement caused a large scale inflations which hurt the German economy greatly to the point Japanese industrial goods were replacing British, American and German goods on the Market. This essentially led to the rise of Hitler as a Fascist Chancellor of Germany appointed by Wilhelm III himself.

Across the World the Republic of China (now only controlling the vast areas of Northern China) was becoming increasingly militaristic towards the Union of South China a major anglo populated British Dominion taking up most of southern China. This coupled with increased Japanese militarism on the Sino-Korean border led to supported Chiang Kai-Shek and his nationalists much more than the Communists. Chiang, who capitalized on the issues that plagued China, primarily Japan and the large British Dominion to their south gathered popular support and embarked on a massive military buildup and training regimen which eventually came to the attention of a Recovering German arms industry and military. By 1937 China had gathered a massive arsenal and was an up and coming industrial giant which by 1960 could challenge America and Europe for industrial supremacy. With the Japanese invading in 1937 the Nationalist Chinese were well prepared and extremely capable and while still losing and suffering from mass atrocities carried out by the Japanese General Chen Cheng decisively fought the Japanese outside of Peking (Beijing) and followed up the engagement by launching an operation which drove the Japanese towards Korea and forced a stalemate between two extremely capable nations. This coupled with the Collapse of major forms of the Chinese Communists due to the decisive handling of Chiang Kai-Shek led to an extremely militarized China, with a population galvanized against the British and Japanese for their previous losses to them. A budding storm was coming about in China.

Now following this Germany began to capitalize on certain worldwide sentiments using a newly Fascist Italy to gain a major European ally as well as outright German support for China, led to a developing coalition which was looking to counter British influence in the coming years. By 1938 China, Italy and Germany had signed the Axis pact which developed into a major alliance system and fed the economic rebuilding of Germany, Italy and China. In the Americas however a largely military isolationist Empire of Brazil brought its head to bear with the true scope of its South American influence coming to bear once again. By this point the Brazilians held major influence over ever South American nation and had developed an Economic Sphere which had essentially insulated it from the Global Depression which the Kingdom of Vinland, and the United States were feeling in full force. By 1939 the economic powerhouses rising through Fascism were set to Include Brazil in their Fold, While considered extremely unlikely the Brazilian joined the Axis pact bringing to bear their entire sphere of Influence and creating a Global situation that was guaranteed to create a war. A usually isolationist war began printing out Anti-American propaganda and galvanized the entire continent against the United States and its positions. The only area to remain staunchly neutral was the British Dominion of New South Wales in Southern Argentina.

The War Begins

The Opening moves of the war were extremely calculated by the Axis powers as the Germans now pushed by Wilhelm III and Hitler wished to Replace Britain as the worlds Global Superpower. However the War truly began on September 23rd 1939 in Which the Chinese launched their large scale invasion of Korea. The

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