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World War II (commonly abbreviated as WWII) was a global scale military conflict.


Second Sino-Japanese War
Second Russo-Japanese War
Pacific War
Eastern War


Cold War

Second World War
clockwise from top right: Americans during the Battle of Veracruz; German Stuka dive bombers on the French Front; American Warships before the Battle of Guam; A Russian soldier raising the flag after the End of the Alexeigrad Siege; The Battle of Moscow; Chinese soldiers

March 7, 1939




Europe, North and South America, Asia, Oceania, the Pacific, and Africa


Allied victory

Major battles:

Fall of Paris, Battle of Moscow, Battle of Petrograd, Battle of Britain, Battle of Guam, Battle of Java, Battle of Bogota, Battle of Mexico City


The Allies
US flag with 54 stars by Hellerick United States of America
Flag of Russia (1991-1993) Russia
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Flag of France France
Flag of the Republic of China China
Other nations

Axis Powers
Flag of German Reich (1935–1945) Germany
Flag of Hungary (1867-1918) Hungary
Flag of Japan Japan
Imperio de México Mexico
War flag of RSI Italian Social Republic (1939 - 1944)
Other nations


US flag with 54 stars by Hellerick Franklin D. Roosevelt
US flag with 54 stars by Hellerick Henry A. Wallace
US flag with 54 stars by Hellerick Dwight D. Eisenhower
US flag with 54 stars by Hellerick Douglas MacArthur
US flag with 54 stars by Hellerick George S. Patton
Flag of the United Kingdom Neville Chamberlain
Flag of the United Kingdom Winston Churchill
Flag of the United Kingdom Bernard Montgomery
Flag of Russia (1991-1993) Alexei II
Flag of Russia (1991-1993) Joseph Stalin
Flag of Russia (1991-1993) Georgy Zhukov
Flag of the Republic of China Chiang Kai-Shek, others

Flag of German Reich (1935–1945) Adolf Hitler
Flag of German Reich (1935–1945) Heinrich Himmler
Flag of German Reich (1935–1945) Erwin Rommel
Flag of German Reich (1935–1945) Karl Dönitz
Flag of German Reich (1935–1945) Alfred Jodl
Flag of Hungary (1867-1918) Benito Mussolini
Flag of Hungary (1867-1918) Miklós Horthy
War flag of RSI Rudolf Rahn
War flag of RSI Pietro Badogli
Flag of Japan Hirohito
Flag of Japan Hideki Tojo, others
Imperio de México Lázaro Cárdenas del Río

Casualties and Losses


Beginning with Germany's violation of the Munich Pact, the Alliance system led to World War II, which combined with the Second Russo Japanese War (which began in 1936), the Second Sino-Japanese War (beginning in 1934), and the Spanish Civil War (1930-1939). It was preceded by the Mexican Civil War, which led to the Second Mexican-American War of 1925.


World War II starts.


  1. Hitler jumps all of Czechoslovakia, in violation of Munich.
  2. Britain and France declare war on Germany.
  3. Mussolini invades Italy and renames his Empire to the Second Holy Roman Empire of Italy.
  4. Russia declares war on Italy. In return, Italy declares war on Russia.
  5. Japan declares war on Russia.
  6. China declares war on Japan.
  7. Italy invades Spanish Morocco.
  8. Spain declares war on Italy and Germany.
  9. World War II has begun.



  • From the Manchukuo (flag pictured), Japan invades China. Japan also invades the
    Flag of Manchukuo (RoR)

    Flag of the Puppet Empire of Manchukuo

    Kamchatka Peninsula.
  • Mexico joins the War on the side of the Axis.
  • Germany invades Poland.
  • Japan invades Mongolia.
    Flag of Kamchatuna

    Flag of the Kamchatka/Kamchatuna after Japanese invasion


  • Argentina joins the Entente.
  • Chile joins the Entente.
  • Colombia and Venezuela join the Axis.
  • Brazil declares war on Argentina and Chile.
  • Mexico declares war on Chile.
  • Germany completes the invasion of Poland.
  • Finland joins the Entente and declares war on Germany and Italy only.


  • Italy invades Yugoslavia.
  • Greece joins the Entente.
  • Turkey joins the Entente.
  • The United States sells to both sides.


  • Alexander IV dies of his hemophilia after being scraped by a knife by accident.
  • War explodes on the Deutsche-Italian/Russian border.
  • Alexander's son Nicholas III becomes Emperor of Russia.


  • Latvia declares neutrality.
  • Dominion of Canada joins the Entente.
  • Nicholas III calls Adolf Hitler a "dirty despicable villain" that ruled "a dirty despicable evil area."
  • Adolf Hitler calls Nicholas III a "Russian non-Aryan not fit to rule a nation."
  • Neville Chamberlain calls Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini "Europeans that disgraced the name of Europe and its people."
  • Venustiano Carranza calls Neville Chamberlain "an Anglo-Saxon fool who should have been a bath-'chamber' cleaner."
  • Edward Daladier calls Carranza a "Mexican tyrant who dictated a once good nation.
  • Hirohito calls Daladier "a Frenchie with no shame."
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt calls all seven of them "shameless fools making fun of their enemies and bickering like.....little children."
  • All the fools stop trash talking.


  • The war simply continues on with fighting along the borders.


  • Japan bombs Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and Monterrey.
  • The United States joins the Entente.
  • The US prepares Operation Redbeard against the Mexicans. Redbeard involves invading the Mexican coastline and cutting off all imports/exports to/from Mexico and then moving in.



  • The first US troops arrive in Europe.
    Flag of Mexico RoR

    Obregon's Flag of Mexico

  • Germany launches an invasion of France. Successfully progressing by the end of the month.
  • Alvaro Obregon becomes Dictator of Mexico after assassinating Carranza. He restores de la Huerta's old government.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt travels to Moscow and delivers a speech there.


  • Chamberlain resigns as Prime Minister of the UK. Horace Wilson succeeds him.
  • Nazi Germany conquers Northern France. Spain defeats Italy at the Battle of Sicily.
  • The invasion of Poland is completed by Nazi Germany.
  • The Campaign in Africa is declared by the Axis.


  • Mexico invades Guatemala.
  • Germany and Italy defeat the Allies in French West Africa.
  • Italy invades Romania and Slovenia.
  • Yugoslavia falls to the Axis.


  • Southeast France falls to Italy.
  • Japan continuously pushes into Russia and China.
  • Nicholas III's son Tsarevich Alexei Nikolayevich Romanov is born on the 6th.
  • Germany begins an invasion of Spain through Vichy North France.
    Vichy France RoR

    Red: Axis France Blue: What remains of France


  • The May Day Raid is performed. German Luftwaffe air raid Paris.
  • Paris falls to the Axis.
  • Denmark falls to the Nazis.
  • Italy invades Egypt.


  • After a year of fighting, the Axis take Greece.
  • Guatemala and Honduras fall to Mexico.
  • Peru joins the Allies. It becomes the first ally of the US in Latin America.
  • The Navy of the Netherlands and the Navy of Norway lose the Battle of Bothnia Sea to the Germans.


  • The Netherlands completely falls to Germany.
  • The Campaign in Africa is a "Phoney War" so far.
  • The Axis start invading the Southern Tip of Norway and Sweden.
  • Italy defeats Yugoslavia.


  • The Campaign in Africa starts.
    • Italy invades Libya and Tunisia.
    • Germany invades French West Africa.
  • The Philippines are admitted as a State of the Union.
  • Japan launches Operation Shogun on the Philippines; the Pacific War has begun.


  • The Pacific War continues. Japan attacks French/British Indochina.
  • Japan conquers the West Coast of China.
  • Dutch Borneo falls to Japan.



  • Norway falls Germany.
  • Finland switches to the Axis under a new government.
  • Nicholas III offers Finland an armistice, which is denied. He declares war on Finland.
  • France is completely dominated by the Axis and the Allies are forced to retreat from Dunkirk.
  • The Republicans win the Spanish Civil War. Francisco Franco is executed.


  • Japan invades Midway Island and Wake Island.
  • Japan moves fast into islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
  • Japan invades Taiwan.
  • The Japanese are repelled from the Philippines.



  • Algeria falls to the Axis.
  • French West Africa falls with France.
  • The Battle of Constantine is fought between Spain and Italy.
  • Italy invades Egypt.


  • Mexico expands rapidly southward, invading all the Central American countries and Colombia.
  • War explodes on the border between Peru/Mexican Empire.
  • The United States gains control of Mexico's Pacific coast, specifically Guaymas, which the Mexicans had captured.
  • Venezuela declares internal war with Mexico, using the invasion fellow Axis Colombia as casus belli.


  • Sweden falls to Germany.
  • Operation Sealion is launched on the UK. Ireland falls, but Great Britain fights on.
  • Finland launches Operation Sinker on Russia.
  • The Russians and Americans defeat the Japanese at the Battle of the Bering Strait.
  • Italy pushes farther in Africa.
  • Germany claims half of Italian Africa. Vichy West Africa is created.



  • The USSR defeats the Netherlands in the Pacific. The Axis have control over almost all of the Pacific.
    PACIFIC 1941 ROR

    Red: Axis Blue: USA Green: Allies Grey: Neutral Description: Japan has portions of China, Russia, and British-French Indochina. NOTE: Regard all red place as Japanese.

  • Japan invades a part of Russia, connecting

    Red: Axis Blue: Allies Gray: Neutral

    its Russian Territory to its Chinese Territory.
  • Germany conquers England. The UK remains only in Scotland.
  • The US moves forces to Scotland to repel the Germans. The Nazis are forced out of England, but remain firm in Ireland. Operation Sealion is over.
  • The US begins a nuclear program that is shared with Russia. The Manhattan Project starts.


  • Operation Barbarossa is launched on Russia. It merges with Operation Sinker.
  • The Axis capture St Petersburg, Moscow, and Tsaritsyn. The Russian capital is relocated to Yekaterinburg.
  • Horace Wilson is voted out in a vote of no confidence. Winston Churchill succeeds him as Prime Minister.
  • Tibet joins the Entente.
  • Nicholas III and Franklin D. Roosevelt meet in Seattle to discuss the post-war world. Winston Churchill joins them in preparing plans for the world after the War.


  • Mexico defeats Venezuela in the Battle of Venezuela.
  • Brazil invades the three Guianas.
  • Ecuador falls to Mexico.
  • Spain loses the First Battle of Casablanca to the Axis.


  • Edward VIII is on a boat that is sunk by a German submarine. His brother becomes King of the UK.
  • Bolivia is annexed by Brazil.
  • The Battle of the Seas (BoS) begins. The Royal Navy, the Nazi Navy, and the US Navy engage in numerous conflicts in the Atlantic Ocean and English Channel.
  • The first BoS casualty occurs. HMS Athenia is sunk by the British. The US Submarine Corps is created. The USSC sinks four underwater German subs in the English Channel.


  • Sweden falls in the Battle of Stockholm.
  • Iran and Afghanistan join the Axis. India declares war on both of them.
  • Turkey joins the Allies.


  • The US develops Form II, in which it fights in Europe and in North America first.
  • Canada and US launch Redbeard II on Mexico. Landings are made in Veracruz. The two armies then move northwards, defeating Mexican states one-by-one.
  • Mexico and Brazil defeat Peru at the Battle of Lima. The Peruvian government flees to Chile. Peru is divided between the conquerors.
  • Uruguay joins the Allies.


  • The war continues on all fronts. In North America, the US is victorious in conquers Old Mexico, but the rest of its Empire survives.
  • The Yucatan Insurrection occurs. Mexicans in Yucatan revolt against the US.
  • Erwin Rommell becomes head of Axis troops in Africa.
  • Rudolf Hoss is shot while inspecting Oslo. The Norwegian Massacre takes place. 176 Norwegians in Oslo are murdered.


  • Joseph Stalin takes the place of the Tsar in meetings with FDR and Churchill.
  • William Lyon MacKenzie King of Canada dies of cardiac arrest.
  • The Axis land in the Horn of Africa.


  • Hitler orders Operation Icecube, an invasion of Iceland. He succeeds.
  • Canada occupies Greenland under threat of Nazi attacks.

    Greenland and Iceland

  • Canada predicted right, as Germany begins an invasion of Greenland, the second part of Icecube.


  • America occupies a large area of Greenland. Fort Jefferson-James is set up in Greenland. FDR creates Operation Icecube America, a plan to repel the Nazis from Greenland and Iceland.
  • Eritrea declares independence.
  • Russia asks for military bases in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.
  • Italians bomb the Suez Canal.


  • Joseph Stalin's term as Premier of Russia is renewed.
  • FDR is reelected as President.
  • The first conflict between India and neighboring Axis starts. Afghanistan fails to invade India.
  • Iraq joins the Axis.


  • The Neutral Alliance of the Baltic States is created, consisting of Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia due to Russian and German aggression.
  • Germany invades Estonia and Kaliningrad.
  • Latvia and Lithuania fall to the Reich.

End of 1940


Europe at the end of 1940



  • The Germans invades the Victoria Islands after conquering Canadian Greenland. Form III is created. The US will deal with its northern threat first.
  • British troops are being depleted along all fronts. In South Africa, resistance against the oppressing Italians is low. Troops in India are fighting Afghans/Iraqis/Iranis and Japanese to the East. Canadians are losing to the Nazis, and in continental Europe, the Nazis win every turn.
  • The Germans takeover Quebec, Northern Ontario, and Yukon.
  • Battle of Montreal: The Nazis defeat all of Canada.


  • Spain falls to the Axis powers.
  • OTL Pakistan Area falls to Afghanistan
  • In Africa, the Italians push farther South.
  • The Prime Minister of South Africa is captured by the Italians.


  • The United States succeeds in keeping Germans out of Alaska and move to the north in Canada.
  • British Columbia, Yukon, and Northwest Territories are freed by America.
  • Newfoundland and New Brunswick rebel against occupying Germany.
  • Brazil and Mexico defeat Argentina and Chile. South America falls to the Axis.



  • Germany: Most of Continental Europe
  • Italy: Italy and and most of Africa.
  • Japan: A vast majority of Eastern Asia, and most of the Oceanic continent.
  • Mexico: Central and half of South America.
  • Brazil: Brazil and other half of South America.
  • USA: Successfully repelled Nazis from West Canada and US Greenland.
  • Russia: Being pushed back by Afghanistan and Japan.
  • UK: Lost most of its colonies.
  • France: Vichied.
  • China/Tibet: Being pushed back by the Japs.
  • Spain: Being defeated by Germans.
  • so:
  • Axis: Winning
  • Allies: Falling

April Events

  • The Axis conquer all of Africa. Germany and Italy divide the continent.
  • The US defeats the Germans at the Battle of Montreal-Reykjavik. The Nazis are forced out of Canada. Then they lose Iceland, which causes them to lose Greenland.


  • Russian Siberia is conquered by Japan. Japan attempts an invasion of Alaska.
  • India defeats Japan in the Borneos and Indochina.
  • Germany defeats Spain.


  • The tide of the War turns.
  • Japan is forced out of Russia and Mongolia.
  • The Mexicans are defeated at the Battle of Panama.
  • The Brazilian start anteing up the War on the US.


  • Wilhelm IV dies.
  • Gustav Schickedanz launches the July Fourth Plot.
    • An assassination of Hitler fails.
    • The Schickedanz Army, a group of Nazis who stage a coup, attempt to occupy
      Theodore Roosevelt and Big Stick

      US ships Theodore Roosevelt and Big Stick in the Pacific.

  • Hitler has Schickendaz executed.
  • Oswald Mosley attempts to seize power in the UK. He also tries to start a revolution in Ireland. Both fail.
  • In China, The Communists try to overthrow the Nationalists.
  • Joseph Stalin terms July "the 30 Days of Evil Plotting."
  • The USS Theodore Roosevelt, named posthumously after the President of the same name, and its sister ship USS Big Stick defeats Japanese forces in a major battle in the Philippines.


  • Adolf Hitler is killed in an air raid on Berlin. The Reich falls to chaos.
  • The Allies seize this chance. They try to defeat the Reich. However, the German Army under Heinrich Himmler defend the borders and keep Germans out. Heinrich Himler is titled Führer of Germany.
  • During Hitler's state funeral, the procession is attacked by the Allies in Munich. Herman Goring is killed while giving his speech, but not before passing the Final Solution to the new Führer.
  • Heinrich Himmler proclaims a forty-day period of mourning the losses of Hitler, Goring and other Nazi officials. He blames everything on the Jews, saying that they advised the Allies on where and when to strike. In response to the Jewish "backstabbers," Himmler calls for the Final Solution to begin. Germans everywhere agree with him and mass-kill Jews on site.
  • Thousands of Jews and other non-Aryans flee Germany for the UK and US. The inflow of immigrants attacks both nations.


  • Vyacheslav Molotov, the Russian foreign minister, meets with Joseph Goebbels in Warsaw to discuss an armistice. Goebbels staunchly refuses and threatens to kill Molotov. When this makes news, Himmler arranges for a mock execution of Goebbels. People everywhere think Goebbels is dead.
  • The Tsar and Joseph Stalin visit a camp in Novosibirsk. The soldiers there attempt to kill them. They fail. They are executed subsequently.
  • The Ottoman Empire, under Sultan-Caliph Ahmed IV, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under Abdulaziz, merge into the Islamic Empire. The Arabian Dynasty starts. Abdulaziz becomes the Emperor/Caliph/Sultan.
  • Stanley Bruce, the former Prime Minister of Australia, dies in Canada.


  • The United States defeats Mexico Brazil in the Battle of Buenos Aires. FDR proclaims October 21 as V-America Day. It becomes a federal holiday. The War is gone from the Americas. The USA lets all former countries exist again, occupies Brazil, and admits Mexico as a territory. Peru and Argentina are given occupation zone in Brazil.
  • A revolution starts in Ireland. This will last for three months. Winston Churchill calls war the great evil of the World.
  • The Royal Navy sinks half the Kriegsmarine in the English Channel.
  • George S. Patton of the US leads his country and Spain to victory in Casablanca. The two armies then proceed to move through the rest of Africa, liberating the occupied areas.


  • The Irish bomb London and Manchester. Clement Atlee dies in the Manchester bombings.
  • In the Pacific, the US has regained control of Wake Island and Marshall Island. The Japanese are defeated in the Battle of Guam. Douglas MacArthur forces Japan into leaving the Island. Guam becomes a fueling stop for America when crossing the Pacific.
  • Erwin Rommell is fired from the Wehrmacht by Himmler for losing the Battle of Casablanca and then the Battles of Algiers, Tunis, and Khartoum. Rommell is expatriated and becomes stateless. He moves to Italy. Mussolini also deports him. Rommell moves Russia. He is jeered at there. Joseph Stalin issues an order telling soldiers to kill Rommell on site. Rommell commits suicide.
  • The Allies win the Battle of the Azores, defeating Germans and sending them back to the mainland.
  • Due the mass depletion in the strength of the Kreigsmarine, Heinrich Himmler decides the Germans will no longer sink enemy ships. They will capture them and modify them to fit the Kriegsmarine.


  • The Germans take Yekaterinburg after a fierce battle. The Russian government is forced to move again.
  • The Germans air-raid Minneapolis. The USA develops Form IV, fighting primarily in Europe and then moving on to defeat the Japanese in the Pacific.
  • Japan attacks Alaska. The Siege of Alaska will last for many months.

The World At the End of the Year


The World Political Map, December 31, 1941

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