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World War II
Date 2 October 1938 - 13 November 1947
Location Worldwide, especially in Asia, Europe, and North America
Result Entente victory; dissolution of the United States of American, formation of the Nationalist Association of States, start of the Cold War.
  • Flag of the Russian Imperial Republic Empire of Russia
  • War Ensign of Germany 1892-1903 Empire of Germany
    • Netherlands Flag VINW Republic of the Netherlands
    • Flag of Belgium (1830) Republic of Belgium
  • Flag of France Second French Republic
    • Flag of Free France 1940-1944 Nationalist Government in France
  • Flag of the Government of National Salvation (occupied Yugoslavia) Eastern Balkan Confederation
  • Naval Ensign of Kingdom of Greece Kingdom of Greece
  • Flag of Jihad Great Persian Caliphate
  • Flag of Italy Empire of Italy
  • New Chinese Imperial Flag Republican Chinese Empire
  • War flag of the Imperial Japanese Army Empire of Japan
  • Flag of the Thai Empire Empire of Siam
  • Flag of California (1776 UCA) California Republic
  • Flag of Texas Republic of Texas
  • FloridaFlagUCA Republic of Florida
  • Flag of Mexico (1934-1968) United Mexican States

...and others

  • Austrian germany by 1blomma-d4nr5us Austrian Empire
    • Flag of Austria-Hungary (Koniggratz) Austrian Hungary
    • Flag of Napoleonic Austria Austrian Czechia
  • Flag yugoslavia state alternate history large by yamalama1986-d89xfsp Western Balkan Confederation
  • Alternatepolandflag Republic of Poland-Lithuania
  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Flag of the United States United States
  • IberianFlag Republic of Iberia
  • Flag of Canada (Pantone) Republic of Canada
  • Flag of Scandinavia Scandinavian Union
  • Flag of Greece (PS-1) Greater Hellenistic Republic

...and other client states

Commanders and leaders
Victor Emmanuel III
Sun Tai-hong
Charles de Gaulle
Flag of the Russian Imperial Republic Vladimir II
Alf Landon
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Harry S Truman
Alternatepolandflag Edward Rydz-Śmigły

World War II, or the Second World War was a global war that lasted from 1938 to 1947. 

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