World War II

August 1, 1942


January 26, 1944


Europe and the Pacific Ocean


Total German and Japanese victory

Major battles:

Battle of France, Battle of Britain, Battles of the Atlantic, Battle of the Pacific


Fascist Powers
German Empire
Japanese Empire

Democratic Powers
Great Britain
The United States of America


Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb
Paul Ludwig von Kleist
Heinrich Himmler

Archibald Wavell
Harold Alexander
Viscount Gort
Charles de Gaulle
Maurice Gamelin


8,000,000 total soldiers
2500 u-boats
8500 bombers

3,500,000 total soldiers
9500 ships
30,000 bombers

Casualties and Losses

490,000 men
1100 u-boats
3400 bombers

1,400,000 men
8700 ships
1200 bombers

World War II was a military conflict taking place chiefly throughout Europe and the Pacific and lasting from 1942 to 1944. The conflict was not very bloody, although the monetary cost and scale of the war warrants the title of a World War. The war was originally fought the fascist powers (Germany and allies) and the democratic powers (Britain and allies), although some alliance turned against each other in the late stages of the war.

The war began on August 1, 1942 when Great Britain declared war on and attacked Germany, although there is some debate about which side actually started the war due to the shady dealings of Adolf Hitler before the war. It lasted about two years and ended with the annexation of Turkish and German conquests.

The German war machine makes this war unique due to the unprecedented quickness with which Hitler brought down age old empires, and how relatively bloodlessly he was able to do it. Europe was in a state of total war for the duration of the war, and Germany emerged as the clear victor.

The European Front

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