Flag of europe ww2 outcome 1

1938, a divided Europe. The Axis Powers of Europe are in red, Allied Nations in green, and Neutral countries in blue.

The year is 1937. Germany, under Führer Adolf Hitler, have annexed Austria and the Sudetenland. Hitler's next move is to gain allies and form the Axis Powers of Europe. Germany's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Joachim von Ribbentrop, sends a letter to the President of Czechoslovakia, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk. Masaryk takes a special trip to Berlin to discuss an alliance with the Führer. But after returning to Czechoslovakia, Masaryk decides to make his country neutral.

Forming the Axis

The Kingdom of Hungary, under pressure from Germany, forms an alliance with Germany. But as of now, it is an alliance in name only. Hitler's plan is to have all the Balkan states in an alliance with Germany, making his planned take over of Italy easier. Continuous talks with all the Balkan states only results in two new allies for Hitler. Romania, and Bulgaria.

WW2 Begins

The year is now 1939. Now that Hitler has his Axis, Hitler must order the take over of Yugoslavia, which will make it easier to invade Italy. Which is what Hitler has been planning all along. Hitler plans to annex Yugoslavia, but he'll get more than he bargained for. The Yugoslavian Army, under General Dušan Simović, fought hard to halt the invading German troops but were doomed from the start. With help from Romania and Bulgaria, Yugoslavia was defeated. Yugoslavian leaders were all assassinated. Meanwhile, Greece starts a Military draft preparing for a German invasion. But Hitler has no plans to invade Greece. The next move is to take Italy.

The Invasion of Italy

Hitler plans a strategic invasion. German, Romanian, and Bulgarian troops will leave Yugoslavia and go into Italy. While more German troops will leave from southern Germany. Benito Mussolini, Il Duce of Italy, called upon Greece for assistance against invading German troops, but Greece remained neutral. The Battle for Venice begins. Between Italian, German and Romanian troops. The Axis takes Venice, and heads for Bologna, were Germans and Romanians will have Bulgarian assistance. Italian troops in Bologna retreat to Milan, and Bologna falls. Hitler's plan is working perfectly. German and Romanian troops will continue to chase Italians into Milan, while Bulgarians are headed down to San Marino. San Marino will be a huge success in the takeover of Italy, and the rest of the Axis is heavily relying on Bulgaria to pull it off.

Italy Falls

Soon, Milan and Trento fall to the Axis. Many Italian civilians are taken to concentration camps. While San Marino is proving to be tougher than Bulgaria had imagined. Bulgarians surrender in San Marino, while German and Romanian troops continue to take all of North Italy. Eventually, German troops take San Marino. Mussolini goes into exile as Rome falls. At the same time, the Airborne invasion of Sicily is also a success for the Axis. The rest of Italy is a cake walk for the Axis. Italy falls.

Hitler's next move

Hitler's next move is to take Czechoslovakia and Poland. In the invasion of Czechoslovakia, Germany will have Hungarian assistance. Prague falls to German forces, while a surprisingly powerful Hungarian Army takes the rest. Poland is next on Hitler's list, but to his surprise the Polish have been preparing for this invasion. To Poland's left, the Germans will invade. To Poland's south, Hungarians and Romanians will invade. Hungarians capture Stanislawow, with Romanian assistance. Tarnopol and Luck also fall. While the Germans take Katowice and Poznan. Hungarian and German troops capture Lublin and Lodz. While Romanians capture Bresc n. Bugiem. Germans march into Torun where they are met by an overwhelming Polish Army and have to call in for reinforcements for the first time. Polish troops from Wilno head in to liberate Bresc n. Bugiem. The tables are turning. The Axis is completely shocked when Soviet troops march in and liberate Luck, putting Romania out of Poland for good. Hitler didn't plan this to happen. Hitler is also back-stabbed when Hungarian troops retreat back to Hungary. Hitler refuses to pull troops out of Poland however, and calls for reinforcements again. But his reinforcements do nothing to effect the war.

The Tables Turn

Hitler orders the German retreat from Poland, but even then the Russians continue to march into Germany with Polish assistance. Hitler calls upon Hungary and Romania for help, but both countries surrender to the USSR themselves. Both countries will now be a part of the USSR as their consequence. Russia plans to do the same to Germany, but Germans refuse to surrender. Germany pulls troops out of Yugoslavia and Italy to help defend the Fatherland. Dresden falls to Russian forces after a long battle. Germany is caught off guard again when French troops start to march in from Germany's west. Hitler didn't know that there had been allies planning to defeat Germany all along. French forces take Cologne and Stuttgart without much effort, since all German forces in the west had been moved to the East to fend off the USSR. Munich falls as well, and eventually Berlin. Hitler is assassinated and Germany becomes a part of Russia as a result.


Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany and even Poland all become a part of the USSR. Poland was back-stabbed. Russia plans to expand their Empire even more soon.

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