The Uprise Of The Second World War===

At this time the war was known as the European War and because to keep the idea of the Ayran race inside civil Nazi Germany the non aryan were put to use in Military support. This lad to the fall of France thanks to a extended military and Poland and Northern Croatia to become part of the Republic.

This lead to Serbia taking the rest of Crotia and become Yugoslavia. Australia and Canada joined the Allies in their effort to defeate the Axis with the reccent addition of Yugoslavia. The axis gaing support from a united Koera and Japan the war offically become World War II. This also lead to Bosina being part of Yugoslavia.

Japan had plans to attack and capture as much of the U.S as possible so the U.S joined the Allies due to Japanese Military activity in the Pacific. New Zealand also joined the Allies due to this movement and a few other factors. With Nazi movement into Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden and the Republic's recent invasion Romania, the war was about to enter a dark age.

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