2010WWIII Map
Due to the operations of Nazi Germany during the conflict known as World War II, the allied commanders postponed their D-Day invasion. Meanwhile Adolf Hitler had also postponed his invasion of the USSR, which left a large force available to defend his western flank.

Due to these delays, World War II had come to an end in 1950, instead of 1945. This delayed the Cold War, which ended in 1993. The balance of power following this delayed Cold War caused many uneasy rifts in the United Nations.

Following an incident at a UN general meeting held in Paris, 2010, these rifts became open hostility. Within a week, World War III had begun. Germany had secretly defied the treaty put in place following World War II and quickly took Central Europe. France, thanks to its reformed army, became the dominant power in the westernmost Europe and North-West Africa. Russia reclaimed a large portion of the territory it had lost following the disbanding of the USSR. China claimed ancient enemy, Mongolia and much of Central Asia, stopped only by the Middle Eastern Union and the Russian army. Without the support of other nations, South Korea was quickly consumed by its Northern neighbour, creating a united Korea. Japan quickly became part of China, unable to match China's raw manpower.

India quickly grew in power, rivaling China and clashing with Australia in the pacific. Many states of Africa were united by the charismatic warlord Manbanwe Chisaya, creating an African union. Israel dominated its neighbours, forming the Middle Eastern Union which later integrated parts of Africa.

A Brazilian man, Harana Forral, unified Southern America just as the USA had conquered Mexico and central America in its advance south. Canada struck at the American state of Alaska, conquering it. Britain united Ireland while capturing both Iceland and Greenland.

All the while, the true instigator of the conflict took a portion of Africa to act as his base, complete with formidable nuclear capabilities and a large, well trained army. His name, Charles Cehack was both a symbol of fear and respect in his territory.

The conflict remains ongoing, though talks of peace are being considered by several nations. Despite this, an end to the hostilities remains uncertain as the body count continues to rise...