World War III - Europe vs. America is thewar that broke out in 2007.

Conflict in Middle-East

Israeli-Egyptian war

In early October 2007 a series of mutual hostilities occur between Israel and neighboring states. Soon, war between Israel and Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt breaks out. Both sides expect to win the war quickly and create stiff resistance. As result, most battles are waged on the borders. In late October, Israeli forces conquer Palestine and massacre hundreds of Muslim. Arab forces achieve first successes in the south and organise counter-purges of Jews. Leaders of developed countries disapprove of the act. US Government stays silent.

Occupation of Israel

In early November, European troops land on the Israeli coast. Soon after that, pro-European, social-democratic revolution breaks out (some researchers believe, that it was provoked by European troops) and overthrow Shimon Peres' regime. New president agrees to sign treaty, that makes Israel more dependent from Europe in exchange for help in war. Israel is quickly unified and Arab forces are repelled.

War in Egypt

European leaders sign treaty of Bad Homburg, that unifies military and military law in Europe and also regulates rules of occupation of Israel. Second Arab Alliance is signed, that incorporates First Alliance and additionally Arab Peninsula countries. European troops are in a stalemate on the north and the east, but they quickly defeat Egypt-Saudi forces, by the end of November cross Suez Defense line and, attacking from sea, land and air, seize Cairo, causing Egypt to surrender.

Iraqi conflict

With one front less, Europeans focus on north and easily defeating Lebanese and Syrian army. Arab Alliance, seeing that it loses the war, asks Iraq for help. This creates a difficult situation, as Iraq is occupied by USA. President of Iraq agrees to join the alliance, without American opposition. USA signs treaty with Russia "for preventing further violence".

Euro-Arab war

Attack of Iraqi troops causes Europeans to temporarily retreat, but they quickly, they take control over most of the Syria and Jordania. Using Navy, transported through newly captured Suez Channel, they flank Saudi troops. By the end of 2007, Arabian Peninsula surrender. Iraq surrenders voluntarily. Treaty of Ashdod is signed. World can enjoy peace for next months.

Conflict in Caucasus

In August 2008, Russian-Georgian war breaks out. Georgia is occupied by Russian troops. This is followed by another increase in price of gas exported to Europe. European army, hugely reformed, during the times of peace is confident, that it was a provocation. Several skirmishes take place on Belarus-Lithuania border and Finland-Russia border.