World War III was the largest war in the Earth's history, WWIII lasted from 1995 to 2013, which resulted in some new countries, destroyed countries, and border changes. WWIII started out on October 30th, 1995, when Russian allied with China, to try to make a supreme country, and in fifteen hours, the United Kingdom flew to the borders of China, to prevent Russia and China to make a giant country in attempts to take over all of Europe and Asia to make one huge country, the Eurasian Union.


List of Countries in World War III



In 1996, one battle which lasted 73 days took place within New York City, after Russia attempted to invade the United States by trying to take over New York City, bye the 42nd day, Russia had lost grip of taking New York City over, as the soldier fatality rate when higher up as the days continued, to the point where Russia rather retreated from the US. Another battle took place on the border of North Korea and South Korea, with North Korea attempting to invade South Korea, and within 14 days, North Korea continued farther into South Korea.

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