World War III, also known as "The Unforgettable War," was the most famous war of all wars. It began in Mexico on May 17, 2002, after the United States of America put up a wall closing the border between the two countries. This wall was known as the Rio Grande Wall.


In early 2002, the governments of Mexico and the United States of America were strained. This was due to the deadly killings on January 1, 2002, when after midnight CST, 1,500 Mexican soldiers crossed into the United States and slaughtered many citizens celebrating the new year in Texas and New Mexico. 347 people were killed, causing a major uproar in the United States. This lead the United States government to place a ban on trade from Mexico to the States. Mexico, in turn, responded by not allowing United States citizens into their country, whether they had a passport or not. Due to the growing number of illegal aliens crossing the border to both countries, the United States put up a 100 foot concrete wall that ran the border of Mexico-United States. This wall was known as the Rio Grande Wall. The wall was finished on May 17, 2002, but was not easily accepted by citizens of either countries. Both countries' citizens tried to tear down the wall, but guards on either side shot them down dead, as the governments permitted this.

Canada Joins

Canada tried their best to remain neutral in the conflict, hoping it would all blow over in a few months. However, on June 3, 2002, United States president, George W. Bush, promised equal trade and money for the country, and Canada began to side with the States, although they did not take place in the first battle between the two countries.

First Battle

On June 14, 2002, American and Mexican troops met in El Paso, Texas, both countries losing nearly 30 men in the battle. Five American troops were captured by the Mexican, and were slaughtered and dumped into the Gulf of Mexico. Many countries around the world took notice, but most decided it would be best to leave the dueling countries alone. However, Spain and the United Kingdom joined the war. British troops sided with the American, while Spanish troops sided with the Mexicans.

Cuban-Haitian Conflict

Shortly after the first battle, Cuba's dictator, Fidel Castro, sent a small army into Haiti to steal much needed iron ore, which was abundant in Haiti, but there was a shortage in Cuba. The Haitian government, in response after learning of the incident, responded by sending a small army to invade the capitol of Cuba, Havana. However, all 55 men were killed, but 15 Cuban official were killed as well. This outraged France, a long time friend of Haiti, who in turned joined in to help the Haitians. Fortunately, when the United States caught word of this, they also sided with the Haitians. After Cuba learned of the States' support for Haiti, they sided with the Mexican troops in turn to smite the States. Thus, making France, Cuba, and Haiti join the war, which was spreading faster than any other war.

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