World War III was a brief but devastating incident beginning on 3rd March, 1995 and finishing on 13th March, 1995 with two "minor" nuclear exchanges in Asia and North Africa. There were millions of immediate deaths and millions more in the following months and years. Death and illness continues. It is also known as the "Third World War" because it occurred entirely in the Third World.


In the early Caroline Era, the United States, Soviet Union, China and associated power blocs tied underwent a series of negotiations which tied them into reducing their nuclear arsenals somewhat. Although this reduced the risk of nuclear war between them, a number of nations were not included in these treaties but were nonetheless under the influence of one or other power bloc, and the now more surreptitious enmity between the superpowers was then expressed through the secret development of nuclear weapons.

It had been found that Israel had enough plutonium for about 150 nuclear weapons, and this seems to have provoked other Arab countries to manufacture their own, but nothing was revealed officially.

By the start of the second decade of the era, there were a number of potential flashpoints around the world, notably in the Koreas, between India and Pakistan and between Israel and its neighbouring nations. Israel claimed land in adjacent territories including the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt and Jordan.

In February 1995, six Middle Eastern nations (Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Libya, Sa`udi Arabia and the Lebanon) issued an ultimatum to Israel that unless it withdrew from the territories concerned by 2nd March, a joint invasion would be mounted.

Demonstrations broke out in the developed world and a general strike began to be organised in several European countries and Canada. The authorities in these countries responded by imposing a state of emergency and martial law, and arresting and incarcerating a number of groups, including trade unionists, members of the peace movement, activists in a number of minority political parties and people involved in various pressure groups.

Despite diplomatic efforts, this occurred and Israel was invaded on 2nd March, leading to a mass exodus from Israel though many still remained. The Israeli government gave the troops two days to withdraw without specifying the consequences of non-compliance. The deadline passed and on 4th March, Israel launched a number of nuclear missiles on the capitals and other major cities of the nations concerned, including Mecca and Medina, provoking the launch of missiles against Israel. This devastated all major cities in the nations involved.

As this exchange took place, the Indian and Pakistani missile detection systems appear to have detected a false positive launch towards them and simultaneously launched their own arsenals against each other. Millions more people died in the Subcontinent than in the Middle East.

The result was the complete destruction of the nations of Libya, Egypt, Israel, the Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Sa`udi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait and Pakistan, and considerable devastation in India and Iran, which suffered damage from both incidents.

Once this had been detected, in an unprecedented move, the US and USSR worked together to defuse the situation and also jointly and quietly invaded North Korea.

The War officially ended on 13th March 1995, though there were no real victors. Of all the nations involved, the only one to survive was India, North Korea having been forcibly united with the South.


14th February 1995 - Egypt, Syria, the Lebanon, Jordan, Sa`udi Arabia and Libya issue an ultimatum to Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories by 2nd March or be invaded.

15th February - Israel issues a statement refusing to comply.

22nd February - Trade Unions in the West attempt to impose a general strike to prevent nuclear war. Western governments impose martial law and internment for people regarded as subversive. Funds of trade unions and many pressure groups are sequestered, notably CND. Parliaments are dissolved and replaced by war cabinets, but the FK nations retain sovereignty.

2nd March - The six Arab nations invade Israel. Israel government issue a brief statement telling them to withdraw.

3rd March - After several days of protest in European prisons, FK governments opt to sedate prisoners. This policy is pursued for two years until the prisoners are released.

4th March - Israel launches missiles at Cairo, Alexandria, Tripoli, Riyadh, Mecca, Medina, Damascus, Amman, Beirut, Baghdad and a number of other cities and military installations. In return, missiles are launched against Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. This event triggers off an early warning system in Pakistan, which proceeds to launch missiles against Mumbai, New Delhi, Amritsar, Calcutta and various other northern Indian population centres, and in turn Indian missiles are triggered against Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. In spite of the absence of an immediate cause of conflict between India and Pakistan and the fact that the exchange was completely accidental, the casualties and damage in the Subcontinent are far worse than in the rest of the Asian and African nations.

Immediate casualties from blast and heat: Africa and Middle East - 24 million; Pakistan - 23 million; India - 64 million. Many deaths from severe burns and smoke inhalation injuries. Fallout enters bunkers.

5th March - Fires still burning fiercely in all areas affected by missiles. Fallout spreads into southern Sahara and across Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Southern Spain, then crosses Atlantic and affects Florida, the Caribbean, Mexico and Texas to a lesser degree. Iran is affected by both conflagrations, but is not directly involved in the exchange. Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, Tibet and Bhutan also affected.

12th March - All food now controlled by representatives of central governments. Governments decide not to waste food on those who will die of radiation sickness, as this would be a waste. Starving mobs start to attempt to break into food stores and raid each others' houses.

13th March - War officially over.

15th March - Nuclear winter sets in in Asian and African areas affected and also brings down the temperature less severely elsewhere. Directly affected areas suffer a temperature drop of 25 C. Governments start to shoot and gas looters on sight.

21st March - Mandatory death penalties have now been imposed for all crime in the countries concerned.

26th March - Cholera, dysentery and typhoid epidemics raging. Dogs and wild animals are eating corpses. All able-bodied people are expected to report for reconstruction duties. Corpses cannot be disposed of due to lack of fuel. In a few places, Towers of Silence are used. There are a total of about 220 million undisposed bodies in the area.

9th April - People leave the cities, deaths from fallout approaching a peak, unknown radiation hazards in the countryside.

15th April - Many people have broken halal and kosher dietary codes by this stage, and in India some vegetarians have eaten meat, including beef.

July - 460 million deaths by now from blast, heat, fallout, famine and disease.

Autumn 1995 - Harvest severely depleted, brought in largely by manual labour. Almost everyone working on the land.

Winter 1995-6: One of the most severe winters in the Northern Hemisphere on record. Many young and old people die of hypothermia, particularly in the war areas, which become known as The Gash.

Spring 1996: Most Muslims, Jews and Hindus in the area have broken dietary codes, except in Jerusalem, Mecca and Medina, which are starting to become places of pilgrimage again.

Autumn 1996: More food available but more reliance on manual labour due to lack of oil. Pesticides and fertilisers restricted in Eurasia, and absent in Middle East, North Africa and Northern India.

1997 - Jewish diaspora build domed colonies along Eastern Mediterranean coast, and Mecca and Medina are recolonised.

2001 - Population of entire area has fallen to a stable level of around 48 million from a previous level of 666 million.

2005 - Many people adult at the time of the war in area have died of cancer.

2008 - A whole generation of children are congenitally mentally and physically disabled and unable to recreate a viable industrial society in the area. The level of technology is like that of mediaeval Europe, except in Northern India and in the domed colonies on the Eastern Mediterranean coast, Mecca and Medina. A few domed colonies also exist in India.


All of the involved countries except India and Korea are uninhabitable except with considerable radiation shielding to the present day and are expected to be so for many centuries to come. There is also a fair amount of damage to neighbouring territories, in particular Iran. Again, only India still exists as a nation and the land concerned is uninhabited with the exception of the new nation of Zion established in 1997 along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean and temporary settlements in Mecca.

There was some effort to rescue the victims by the Red Cross, Red Crescent and various refugee aid organisations along with the UN and various military forces, but most victims died within a few weeks of radiation sickness. Surviving refugees were allowed to settle in some countries, mainly other Arab nations, and the Israeli citizens who had left before the outbreak of war initially settled mainly in North America and Western Europe, though in 1997 a few returned to the region to establish Zion.

A major result of the war was complete multilateral nuclear disarmament with effective international monitoring by the United Nations in concert with the US and USSR. This also had the consequence that nuclear rockets and other space activities are now under international control rather than any individual nations or alliances.

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