This is the story of the WW3.....not against Russia, China, N. Korea, the U.S or Iran. No. Against the most deadly enemy that humanity has ever known: The Undead.


July 3: In Kazakhstan, a couple of looters enter an abandoned ancient Soviet bunker. Inside, one of them is bitten by some kind of rabid human. The two fled from the bunker closing it. By the evening, they reach the city of Pavlodar,  the bitten one faints. He's interned in a hospital. But he's soon declared dead. Two hours later he woke up and bit three doctors, his ancient looting partner and one forensic.

July 7: For a couple of days nothing has been known of the cities of Pavlodar and Aksu, a military unit is sent from Astana to investigate.

July 8: When the unit reaches Pavlodar, they start to hear wailing. When they enter the city, they're attacked by thousands of rabid humans. Before they're killed they send a message:

"They're attacking us! They eat meat! Oh my God! Help us! Send help, please! They're eating us!"

July 9 to 15: More cities in East Kazakhstan (and even at the Russian border) have become silent since the last transmission of the military unit.

July 30: Omsk an Astana are attacked by the creatures, the videos are watched all over the world, the creatures devour people to bones, after a couple of hours, the people come back to life (unlife) and begins to attack uninfected people. Panic spreads all around the world

August 3: As the creatures (now called Zombies) continue to spread in Central Asia, panic spreads all around the world, many governments try to protect its countries from the infection:

  • Australia: Bans all air travels.
  • Chile: All foreigners are deported.
  • Israel: Begins a national quarantine and begins to build a wall all around its territory.
  • Ireland: Bans all air travel to the island.
  • Japan: Closes its air space.
  • Saudi Arabia:  Bans all trips to Mecca and Medina.
  • South Africa: Government bans all the trips to the country.
  • United Kingdom: Begins a national quarantine. All air travel is banned.
  • United States: Begins to build a wall at the Mexican border, from Tijuana to Juarez, also evacuates all of his soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq.

August 20: Almost all of central Asia has fallen to the Zombies, somehow, the infection has reached Dakar, Khartoum and Rio de Janeiro's favelas. The Russian army fights bravery, but fail to stop the Zombies, which continue to infect Central Russia, if the Russians resist to winter, maybe they will have a little opportunity.

September 1: The infection reaches northern Iran and Afghanistan, the Iranians manage to hold them and try to create a little safe zone between the Elbruz mountains and the Caspian Sea. The Russians managed to stop the Zombie advance in Western Russia at the Volga River. But the Zombies had taken most of Brazil's southern coast, West Africa and northern Sudan. Israel finishes the wall around itself.

September 27: Iran manages to create the first Zombie safe zone (a little strip between the Elbruz and the Caspian Sea, Afghanistan has fallen to Zombies as well southern Brazil, central Iran and almost all of west and central Africa. The Infection appears in Bratislava (Slovakia)  Des Moines (U.S) and Wenzhou (China). The winter is to begin in Russia.

October–December: In those two months the world was at the edge, some countries fell, cities burned, millions of people became undead. But maybe the success was the creation of Safe Zones:


  • Argentina: Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego. New Capital: Ushuaia
  • Chile: Chiloé Island. New Capital: Ancud
  • Peru