World War III-2012

WAR ON TERROR! That's what started it all! (you can't declare war on a tactic!)


Russia and China were just two of a few countries wary of America's "War On Terror." They wondered whether it was a war to fight terrorism, or a war to secure America's global dominance.

Early in 2005, America and her allies invaded Iran after they determined Iran was sheltering Osama Bin Laden. Russia, China, and several other countries condemned the action, saying there was no real proof that Bin Laden was in Iran.

When Russian and Chinese spies infiltrated the Pentagon, hacking the computer systems, they were proved right. It turned out that Osama Bin Laden had been captured in the same bunker/hole as Saddam Hussein, and that was immediately shot by US forces (revenge for 9/11) along with several other terrorist leaders.

In late 2005, Russia and China confronted the UN and announced to the world what they had discovered. They also accused the United Sates of building a Middle Eastern "empire" and claimed they planned on taking over all Middle Eastern oil production in order to "control the world". The US denied this and most nations accepted the denial.

The world had become angry and fearful at the same time.

They became angry because the US lied to them, and tried to take over the world. They were also fearful because this could very easily happen! They were everywhere! The US already had so many soldiers in so many countries, their military was clever and strong, although not the strongest, there economy influenced everyone else's economy, they were highly advanced in technology, they were the one country that could actually take over!


The U.S. has completely taken over Iran and harshly suppressed any rebellion.

Seeing what had happened to Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan, the governments of Syria and Lebanon, not wanting this to happen to their country, form an alliance with the U.S., despite strong protest among it's people. Syria and Lebanon agree not to shelter any terrorist groups.

The U.S. now has almost complete control over the Middle East, either through conquest or alliances.

Most of the world, particularly Russia and China, wonder how this will effect their gas and oil prices. But the U.S. and its allies ensure everyone that nothing will change with gas and oil prices.

Russia and China form a military alliance, known as the Red Star Alliance, or RSA, in response to America's growing global power. North Korea soon joins the RSA.


In early 2007, a battle erupts between the U.S. and Mexican military at EL Paso, Texas, leaving 35 U.S. soldiers dead 210 Mexican soldiers dead as well as 421 U.S. civilians dead. The U.S. claims the battle started when Mexican soldiers illegally crossed the border. Mexico claims they were pursuing several spies from an unknown country who stole valuable information from them and then fled into the U.S. and that crossing the border to catch them was a must.

In response to the attack, the U.S. declares war on Mexico, and immediately begins to bomb military installations. NATO sends three brigades and supplies to help. Mexico, desperate for help, ask the UN to intervene but they are ignored.

After eight weeks of fierce fighting, Mexico is on the verge of collapse. Their military is either killed, captured, wounded or deserted and their capital is almost completely destroyed, several towns and cities overrun by enemy forces. They only control a small area of their former country, and now they ask the RSA for assistance.

The RSA, willing to help any country fighting the U.S., only sends supplies to help.

Mexico, unable to fight any longer, even with supplies from the RSA, sue for peace. The Treaty between the US and Mexico is extremely hard on Mexico. Mexico is forced to give up all the land already in US control, which have plans to make it part of the country in the near future, as well as never raise an army larger than 10,000.

With the war now over, which is known as the Second Mexican-American War, which cost a total of 75,000 lives, the U.S. must worry about the possible insurgency in the former Mexican territory they now control, and keep an eye on the RSA.

Mexico soon joins the RSA.

Thinking that the U.S. will invade them next, Honduras and Belize announce they plan on joining the RSA in the near future. The U.S., outraged, begins plans to invade both countries before they join.

In late 2007, the U.S. invaded and conquered both Honduras and Belize. But, the U.S. ambitions in that area wasn't over yet.

Thinking more countries in Central America might consider joining the RSA, the U.S. decided it was time for all Central American countries to come under U.S. influence and control.

Only weeks after conquering Honduras and Belize, the U.S. invades Guatemala, then El Salvador, and then Nicaragua. All three countries offered only little resistance, and the U.S. was welcomed with open arms by its people.

Costa Rica and Panama, also not wanting war with the U.S., form an alliance with the U.S. and agrees to become part of the newly formed alliance recently created by the U.S. It consists of the U.S., Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the UAE, Turkey, Panama, and Costa Rica. (all U.S. allies)

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