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World War I
Date July 28, 1914 – November 11, 1918
Location Europe, Africa and the Middle East (briefly in China and the Pacific Islands)
Result Central Powers victory;
  • End of the Ottoman and Russian empires
  • Formation of new countries in Europe and the Middle East
  • Transfer of Allied colonies and regions of Africa to Germany
Allied (Entente) Powers
Flag of Serbia (1882-1918) Kingdom of Serbia
Flag of Montenegro (1905-1918 & 1941-1944) Kingdom of Montenegro
Flag of Russia Russian Empire (1914-mid 1918)
Flag of France French Third Republic
Flag of Belgium Kingdom of Belgium
Flag of the United Kingdom British Empire
Flag of Japan Empire of Japan
Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Kingdom of Italy (1915-18)
Flag of Romania Kingdom of Romania (1916-18)
Hellenic Kingdom Flag 1935 Kingdom of Greece (1916-18)
and others
Central Powers
Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918) Austro-Hungarian Empire
Flag of the German Empire German Empire

Flag of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire
Flag of Bulgaria Kingdom of Bulgaria (1915-18)
Flag of the Netherlands Kingdom of the Netherlands

Commanders and leaders
Leaders and commanders
Flag of Serbia (1882-1918) Peter I

Flag of Serbia (1882-1918) Nikola Pašić
Flag of Montenegro (1905-1918 & 1941-1944) Nicholas I
Flag of Russia Nicholas II (1914-17)
Flag of Russia Mikhail Alekseyev (1914-18)
Flag of Russia Alexei Brusilov (1915-18)
Flag of Russia Nikolai Yudenich (1915-18)
Flag of France Aristide Briand (1915-17)
Flag of France Joseph Joffre (1914-16)
Flag of France Georges Clémenceau (1917-18)
Flag of France Ferdinand Foch
Flag of the United Kingdom George V
Flag of the United Kingdom H. H. Asquith (1914-16)
Flag of the United Kingdom Herbert Kitchener (1914-16)
Flag of the United Kingdom David Lloyd George (1916-18)
Flag of Japan Yoshihito
Flag of Japan Ōkuma Shigenobu (1914-16)
Flag of Japan Terauchi Masatake (1916-18)
Flag of Japan Hara Takashi (1918)
Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Victor Emmanuel III
Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Antonio Salandra (1915-16)
Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Paolo Boselli (1916-17)
Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Vittorio Emanuele Orlando (1917-18)
Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Luigi Cadorna

Leaders and commanders
Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918) Franz Joseph I (1914-16)

Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918) Karl I (1916-18)
Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918) Karl von Stürgkh (1914-16)
Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918) Heinrich Clam-Martinic (1916-17)
Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918) Ernst Seidler von Feuchtenegg (1917-18)
Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918) Heinrich Lammasch (1918)
Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918) István Tisza (1914-17)
Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918) Sándor Wekerle (1917-18)
Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918) János Hadik (1918)
Flag of the German Empire Wilhelm II
Flag of the German Empire Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg (1914-17)
Flag of the German Empire Georg von Hertling (1917-18)
Flag of the German Empire Paul von Hindenburg (1916-18)
Flag of the Ottoman Empire Mehmed V
Flag of the Ottoman Empire İsmail Enver
Flag of Bulgaria Ferdinand I (1915-18)
Flag of the Netherlands Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Maria

Casualties and losses
Military dead:
Military wounded:
Military missing:
22,477,500 KIA, WIA or MIA
Military dead:
Military wounded:
Military missing:
16,403,000 KIA, WIA or MIA

The Great War,(World War I) was a very catastrophic four year event that killed more than 33 million people. The sides came to the Allied Powers and the Central Powers. In OTL, the Allies won, but in this, the Central Powers won. This war was a very modern war with airplanes, tanks, machine guns, and chemical gas weapons. Each side had heavy losses, as more than one million solders died at the Battle of Somme. Most people wished this would be the war to end all wars, but they were mistaken.

Before The World War

Before the war, Europe was in a large alliance system. Austria-Hungary and Germany first made a Dual Alliance to intimidate Europe. The Netherlands joined this in 1905, and Bulgaria joined this in 1906. France and Russia created their Dual Alliance. Brittain remained out, but felt lonely so it created its own Dual Alliance with Japan. This really sparked when all these countries participated in the arms race. Brittain achieved 20000, Germany achieved 20000, France achieved 18000, Russia achieved 24000, Austria-Hungary achieved 18000, Bulgaria achieved 8000, and the Netherlands achieved 8000. Then, Germany, The Netherlands and, Brittain competed in their naval race. The British won by a narrow victory. Even so, the Germans and the Dutch still could beat the British by naval force. With all this army stuff, many engineers thought the army should use an air force. And so, the countries of Europe were able to imply new equipment to the armed forces: the airplane, the tank, machine guns, and chemical gas weapons. There so, the armies became fully trained and ready to fight. Nationalism also played a key role. Everything was good, until Yugoslav nationalists assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Therefor, World War I begun.

Beginning Stage

After the event, the Austro-Hungarian empire declared war on Serbia. Russia came in to aid Serbia, so

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