World War 3
DateJuly 1959-30th July, 1971
LocationAfrica, Asia and Europe

Decisive Allied Victory

  • Dissolution of the Third Reich and the Japanese Empire
  • Beginning of the New Soviet Union
  • End of the Axis
New Soviet Union (No FDR)
Third Reich
Fascist Italy
Japanese Empire
Fidel Castro
Gustav Marcus
8,300,050 infantry
27,120 M1 tanks
3,780 F-14
2,950,000 infantry
5,503 tanks
692 aircraft

This war was to end in the disintegration of both the German and Japanese empires.


The USA had revolted against their occupiers during the Reich - Japan War, and annexed all of North and South America. Reinhard Heydrich knew that the Third Reich was finished ever since he heard the news of Fidel Castro leading a rebellion.

Opposing Forces

World War 3 No FDR

Map of Earth, just before World War 3. Blue = USA, Red = Axis and Gold = Japan


The old Axis the alliance that once conquered nearly the entire globe were in a dire state. After the disastrous Reich - Japan War both Germany and Japan although at peace,had no real way to deal with America, their economies shattered and what remained of their armies trying to deal with determined and powerful resistance movements that since the USA became independent, were rising everywhere and were now being supplied. Coalition

The USA has been rising from strength to strength since Castro assumed power during 1954 in the Washington putsch with the Declaration of Independence in one hand, and an assault rifle with a grenade launcher in the other. With the help of the provost Marshall, Castro "cleaned house" and arrested all in it, replacing them with a temporary congress. His first act as president was to repeal the Jim Crow laws and emancipate the Jewish and black slaves as well as cut off tribute to Germany. Then within an emergency session of congress he announces that All of North and South America is annexed to the USA and is met with thundering applause. As a result, the USA had a massive pool of able bodied men, who were now being trained for the conflict that was to come.

It begins

The USA began World War 3 in July 1959, with Japan barely recovering from the war with Germany (it was not considered WW-III because it took place more in Eurasia than the Americas). The Japanese Ten Fighters were no match for the far superior F-14 fighter that was massacring them on a 100:1 ratio. Four million American soldiers crossed the Bering Strait supported by 20 thousand M1 Abrams tanks, 3000 F-14 Tomcats and five Washington class battleships. Although a counterattack in September pushed them back into Alaska, a similar attack in December by the Coalition pushed the Japanese into Siberia and advances by the Coalition became quick so they eventually reached the Great Wall of China in February 1960. The New Soviet Union was set up by March 1960. The Japanese Type 100 tanks were slaughtered by both the Abrams and the A-10 Warthog attack craft.

Great Wall

The 26th US Army armoured brigade reaches the Great Wall, but they just fire several Rounds at the gate and go through the broken ruins, without any resistance from the Japanese. On the way, they encounter a statue of Tojo Hideki. US soldiers could not resist the temptation of tethering the statue to an Abrams and tearing it down.


As the US forced their way into China, it seceded from the Japanese Empire alongside Australasia, Burma, Siberia and Indonesia, and slaves rioted in the cities. The Japanese were hard pressed to find a solution, and fast. But as Castro warned Tokyo, any biological weapons used will being hydrogen bombs on main Japanese cities. The devastated Japanese Empire thus relented from using biological agents.


The US Army had the daunting task of liberating Beijing from the Japanese Yoke. The main Japanese garrison was filled with absolute fanatics and were ready to fight to the death. Finally however, after five bloody months in which 1,500,000 Coalition troops were killed, the Japanese surrendered. The recently introduced F-15/16/18 fighters destroyed the last hopes the Japanese Air force had of air supremacy.


Coalition forces in Asia launched an all-out assault against Japan. The average mile of ground cost 1,000 (Coalition) lives and took ten minutes. In 1963 the Emperor told the military he was going to surrender. The military responded by executing him and taking control. With the new government resolving to fight to the end, it would take two years for Japan to surrender. This led to a lot of Street to street fighting. The Ah-64 helicopter was a major boost for Coalition forces, but the Japanese put up a very significant fight.

A-10 attack00:15

A-10 attack

Famous footage of a Thunderbolt attack on a Japanese base.


The Japanese Government surrendered with their last building surrounded by Coalition forces.

The ensuing treaty was not unlike Versailles:

1. Japan is to be stripped of all military capabilities and is to renounce war.

2. Japan is to cede Hokkaido to the New Soviet Union.

3. Japan is to renounce its claims to everything other than the three main Japanese Islands.

4. Japan is to pay reparations to every country it annexed or occupied, with the reparations fee fixed at a later date.

5. Japan is to cede Hawaii and the Philippines to the United States.

Now westward

World War 3 No FDR-1965

World War 3, shortly After Japan's defeat. Blue = USA Red = Axis Green = Coalition Cyan = New Soviet Union Gold = Japan (defeated)

With Japan knocked out, the Coalition turned their attention to Germany. In a surprising move, South Africa joins the Coalition. World War 3 just got much bloodier.

Defeat at the Urals

Russian partisans received the new Redeye missile system, and they used them to great effect. In a last desperate attempt to claim air supremacy, 3000 Me462s flew over to the New Soviet Union (Basically, much of the Siberian territory, with its capital in Vladivostok) and try to destroy the Americans before reinforcements could arrive. But as they passed the Urals, the SAM systems tracked and destroyed at least 30% of the aircraft and the rest were mopped up by F-14 fighters.


South African Soldiers march across the Angolan border, with one million soldiers. The new US Abrams Tank and F-15/F-16 fighters were of great use to the African forces, with regular shipments coming in to Pretoria.


Coalition forces (now supplemented by India and Persia, with China joining) were marching to Jerusalem in order to cut the Reich in two. But Germany and Italy knew about this, so they sent everything they had at the Coalition (millions of soldiers, thousands of aircraft, etc). This led to the Battle of Armageddon, and the certain defeat of the Axis. It was now only a matter of time before Germany was defeated. The reichskanzler ordered an all out land attack with a massive detachment of tanks. There were massive tank battles between the Leo and the Abrams on the steppes of Central Asia. The Luftwaffe also engaged the USAF in the skies, with the Luftwaffe faring much better than their Japanese counterparts.

Britain secedes

Britain secedes from the EU and joins the Coalition alongside France. Even the common Waffen SS soldier knew that the Third Reich was finished, and unlike the dolchstosslegende after World War 1, they blame the German war with Japan for slitting their own throat. The German occupiers imposed martial law on the seceding states.

Alas, Babylon

New US B-52s were coming off the production line and were being armed with Hydrogen bombs and VX Nerve Gas. On March 5 1966, 30 US B-52s and Coalition X-3 bombers flew over Berlin dropping VX gas and H-bombs in that order, causing the Arch of Victory and the Volkshalle to be torn down in pillars of fire. Germany was now reaping the horrors it had sown.


Gustav Marcus was caught hiding in a spider hole, and forced to sign a treaty on July 30 1971, which was not unlike the Sapporo treaty.

Post war

World War 3 ended the Axis forever. The final death toll was 167 million casualties both military and civilian, and central Europe was reduced to a nuclear wasteland.

File:Post World War 3 world.png

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