World War 3 (Great Salum)
Date April 23rd, 1991-May 23rd, 2014
Place Earth
Status Ongoing
Communist Alliance Anti-Communist Alliance Al Qaeda and Terrorist Networks
  • Flag of al-Qaeda Al Qaeda
  • Flag of Taliban Taliban
  • Flag of Islamic State of Indonesia Islamist Group of Indonesia
  • Flag of Islamic State of Iraq ISIS
  • Flag of Al-Shabaab Al-Shabaab
  • Flag of the ICU Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan
  • Flag of the ICU Al Nusra Front
  • Flag of the ICU Mujahideen
  • Flag of the ICU Islamic Front of Syria
  • Flag of Somalia Somali Pirates


  • Day 1 - Tensions rise onto the United States and the Soviet Union. Meanwhile, an uprising of several Pro-Sangheili Protests take place in New York, Virginia, and New England. The Supreme Leader of the Sangheili Union Mikhail Polidro pledged to liberate and unite the people of Sangheilios into one socialist peoples.
  • Day 2 - The US Government retaliates against the protests as a Pro Sangheili Armed Group attacks Virginia and New England. The Sangheili Union also declares war on the United States hours later after the US Government issued a rule where Sangheilis are to be deported back in the Sangheili Union. The Sangheili Union attacks New England and conquers New York City in less then seven hours. Quebec and Nunavut provide armament support to the Sangheili Union and Canada places sanctions and threatens Nunavut and Quebec.
  • Day 3 - the United States threatens the Sangheili Union with nuclear missiles if they don't withdraw their troops from New England. The Sangheili Government refuses and the Soviet Union declares war on the United States. Meanwhile, another Communist Uprising occurs in the Argentine Confederation. The Sangheili Military also survives the missile attacks and conquers the State of New York. Quebec after the threats from Canada, declared war on Canada and attacks New Brunswick. Canada retaliates and declares war on Nunavut for helping the Sangheili Union and Quebec. World War 3 begins
  • Day 4 - Quebec and Canada fight in Ontario. Nunavut attacks Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Sangheili Union and the United States have a large battle in Providence, Rhode Island and Boston, Massachusetts. The British Union provides naval support to Sangheili, Quebecan and Inuit Forces. The Soviet Red Army lands in Carolina while Cuba lands in Florida. NATO declares war on the Sangheili-Quebec-Inuit Front and the Warsaw Pact. The United States attempt to take the Sangheili cities of Harrisburg, Annapolis, Ocean City and Pittsburgh but fails. The Battle of Montreal begins.
  • Day 5 - The Argentine Confederation attacks a new Communist Group that is backed by Brazil and Cuba. The Sangheili Union establishes the Zimmerman Transmission and sends it to Mexico but the plans were destroyed by the air forces of NATO. Mexico threatened to join the Sangheili Union but then a Pro-American Group took over the Mexican government and declared war on the Sangheili Union. Spain and Morocco tensions rise.
  • Day 6 - The Battle of Winnipeg was won by Canada as the Battle of Rankin Inlet begins. The Soviet Union also invades Europe first attacking Finland and Greece. The Soviet Union also insists Nunavut in Rankin Inlet and establishes a military base in Iqaluit. The Soviet Union attacks Alaska. The Battle of Maine begins. Quebec provides air support to Nunavut in Rankin Inlet. 
  • Day 7 - Turkey attacks Greece via the Aegean Sea. Israel declares neutrality. The Sangheili Union and Quebec take New Brunswick and Maine and attacks Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Iqaluit was bombed by Canadian Royal Air Force. Nunavut retaliates and launches an artillery strike on Manitoba and the Northwest Territories. The Sangheili Union advances into Norfolk, Virginia. Brazil declare war on the Argentine Confederation. Chile provides armament support to Argentina. The Taliban is founded in Afghanistan,
  • Day 8 - Brazil invades Argentina from the north and it spills over into neighboring Uruguay. The Inuit forces successfully take the Northwest Territories and continues on attacking Manitoba and soon Alberta. The Sangheili People's Army deploys in the British Union and prepares to invade France. Washington D.C is bombed. The Taliban takes over Afghanistan in less then seven hours. Pakistan prepares for war.
  • Day 9 - Israel and the joint Sangheili-Lebanese backed Hezbollah finally go to war resulting in NATO Intervention. Syria, Lebanon and Turkey declare war on Israel. Iran prepares to defend Israel with airstrikes against the Hezbollah. The Soviet and Sangheili Unions attack the rest of Europe. Korea declares war on Japan. The Battle of Maine and Newfoundland is complete with joint Sangheili-Quebecious Victory. China helps the USSR, GSPSU, and Korea on their fronts. Nunavut and the Soviet Union take full control of Alaska and Yukon jointly.