World War 3 (Cold War: Communist Victory)
World War 3
Date 1989-Present
Location Earth
Result Ongoing

Flag of Turkey Turkey
Flag of Denmark Denmark
Flag of Greece Greece
Flag of France France
Flag of Germany West Germany
Flag of Norway Norway
Flag of Iceland Iceland
Flag of Canada Canada
Flag of Belgium Belgium
Flag of the Netherlands The Netherlands
Flag of Spain Spain
Flag of Italy Italy
Flag of Portugal Portugal
Flag of the United States United States
Flag of the United Kingdom Great Britain
NATO Allied
Flag of New Zealand New Zealand
Flag of Australia Australia
Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea
Flag of JapanJapan
Flag of Israel Israel
Flag of Sweden Sweden
Flag of Finland Finland
Flag of the ICU Islamic Movements
Flag of South Africa South Africa
Flag of Thailand Thailand

Warsaw Pact
Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union
Flag of Albania Albania
Flag of Bulgaria (1971-1990) Bulgaria
Flag of the Czech Republic Czechoslovakia
Flag of Hungary (1957-1989) Hungary
Flag of Poland Poland
Flag of Romania (1965-1989) Romania

Warsaw Pact Allied
Flag of Texas Texas Independence Movement (2012-present)
Flag of North Korea North Korea
FascistUSSR Sangheili Union (2012-Present)
Flag of Iran Iran
Flag of Hezbollah Hezbollah
Flag of Angola Angola
Flag of Palestine Palentine
Flag of Mozambique (1974-1975) Mozambique
Flag of Iraq, 1991-2004 Iraq
Flag of the People's Republic of China China
Flag of Libya (1977-2011) Libya
Flag of Syria Syria
Flag of Egypt Egypt
Flag of Canada Canadian Freedom Fighters
Flag of SFR Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
Flag of Laos Laos
Flag of Vietnam Vietnam
Flag of Yemen Yemen
Flag of Cuba Cuba


World War 3 started in 1989 when the Soviet Union won the Cold War. Some rebellions in some of the nations start making NATO weaker causing victory to close in.

The Start of the War

See WW3 European Campaign (Cold War: Communist Victory), WW3 American Campaign (Cold War: Communist Victory).

The Warsaw Pact and allied prepare for an attack on Europe and the United States. Cuba launches an attack from the State of Florida while the Warsaw Pact attacks Europe. Later in 1990, the Warsaw Pact joins Cuba in attacking the United States.

The United States at War.....alone

The United States is left after a cunning defeat in Canada leaving the United States to be conquered in Summer 2013 when a Micronation declares independence and takes full control of Washington D.C. The Sangheili Union after the war makes Philadelphia the Capital of the new Sangheili Socialist States of America

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