World War 3: The Soviet Assault==

In the last decades of the Cold War the Soviet Union has been outmatched significantly by its Western counterparts and as the Trippy Seventies begins to close to an end a new threat awakens from the Eastern Bloc.

  • 30th of December 1979: Despite promising Afghanistani Communists aid in combating Islamic terrorists, The Soviet Union pulls all support after only three days of fighting.
  • 1st of January 1980: Known as the "New Years Terror" members of the American Communist Party detonate several bombs at Capitol Hill during President Carters new years speech. The blasts kill President Jimmy Carter and several members of congress. Vice President Walter Mondale succeeds as President of the United States and declares the American Communist Party as a terrorist organization.
  • 9th of February 1980: The British MI6 is ordered to infiltrate East Germany after all ambassadors to Eastern Bloc nations fail to attend a UN Summit sparking interest to the United Kingdom.
  • 12th of February 1980: West Germany expresses concern to US ambassadors after security personal in East Berlin suddenly "Disappear" from their posts leaving the Berlin Wall practically unguarded.
  • 27th of February 1980: Four MI6 agents sent to spy in East Germany have suddenly disappeared during a mission citing the United Kingdom to demand the release of the agents. The message falls on deaf ears as the Eastern Bloc nations continue to not respond.
  • 17th of March 1980: Soviet spy planes are sighted flying off the Turkish coast in Asia Minor prompting Turkey to declare that the USSR is planning an attack on Turkey, this causes suspicion within the British Parliament.
  • 3rd of April 1980: Panic arises in West Berlin as East German tank divisions begin building up at the Berlin Wall.
  • 19th of April 1980: Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev wins a majority in the UN General Assembly and is declared the 5th Secretary-General of the United Nations. He is boycotted by a majority of NATO nations.
  • 1st of June 1980: The stock market plumbets after goods manufactured in Communist countries begins to decline due to lack of communication between NATO and the Eastern Bloc.
  • 4th of June 1980: Tensions grow between European nations as the troops of the Republic of Yugoslavia and Italy clash in the Croatian region after Italian soldiers begin deporting massive amounts of native Slavs into the Tyrol region of Italy.
  • 5th of June 1980: In response to the situation in Croatia, Premier Brezhnev has Italy suspended from the United Nations. This prompts an outcry from West Germany, France and Great Britain as they see the USSR is only protecting its Communist brothers rather than provided any real action.