The name is a misnomer, the outcome is the same, but what happened is different.


In 1943 Japan decided to make a truce with the Allies. Germany takes Stalingrad.


D-Day is attempted, but is thwarted. Stalin is found and executed by the Nazis.


Part of the Nazi army is diverted to Africa, but is thwarted. The Luftwaffe begins to plan a surprise attack on Britain.


The Luftwaffe bombs England. The Japanese volunteer to take in refugees.


The Nazis draw their army east and begin to attack Japan's territory.

1948 & 1949

The Nazis lay siege to Japan's westernmost territory but are repelled.

1950 & 1951

The Allies attack Nazi territory from both the east and the west.


The Allies take all the territory bordering Germany. The American Army Air Force, the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service, and the RAF lay siege to Germany by air, while the USMC, Imperial Japanese Army, and SAS send small special forces units into Germany, but Hitler manages to escape. He manages to get to his personal submarine in the Baltic Sea. The Allies use an Atomic bomb to destroy his submarine, leaving no survivors.


An organization known as the Alliance of Nations is created. War is much less prevalent. The British move back home. The Alliance of Nations begins a settlement in the Antarctic in 1985, to deal with the growing threat of overpopulation. In 2007, the first fully manned Moon base is founded by the Alliance of Nations. In 2015, the base is scheduled to start receiving colonists.

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