This is a Alternative history to World War 2 where Germany and the Axis wins the war, but Differs from others as it involves Germany maintaining its Alliance with Russia.



Japan begins invasion of China.


Germany occupies The territories between Germany's original border and the USSR's border. England, France and other powers of the world return Poland to its rightful Leaders. Poland now divides the German territories. Because of this Hitler orders the invasion of Poland, and get's assistance from the USSR.

Japan Gains control of China most of China. Then China begins combat with the USSR in Mongolia. They successfully gain a foothold but cannot advance any farther.


England and France declares war on Germany. Hitler seeks assistance from Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland, Iraq, Thailand and India Independence Movement. Who all join. As part of the treaty between Russia and Germany Russia Also joins. Because Japan wished to avoid a full-out war with Russia, they joined the Axis and release Mongolia back the the USSR.

Germany, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Finland and Romania begin the invasion and occupation of Europe. The USSR, Japan, India and Thailand begin the invasion of the Pacific Islands and Iraq and the USSR begin the invasion of the Middle east.

England and France begin operations in Europe to counter the Axis and Australia starts operations in the Pacific to counter the Axis Powers in the Pacific.


The Axis takes Europe and North Africa, France is captured and occupied and England is forced back to their homeland. The battle of Britain begins. The Axis have control of France, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Slovakia and Croatia. Greece managers to Halt the Axis Advance. Switzerland is left due to it being neutral and being the store for the Nazi Gold.

Sweden is blocked off from Allies, but escapes invasion.

The Axis in the Pacific take Asia and half of the Pacific Islands. England is wiped out from Singapore. Australia deploys the Navy in several battles and pushes Japan back. Out of the Pacific Islands. Japan and the USSR succesfully maintain their position in the Pacific. Securing China and Japan from the Allies.


The Axis in the Middle East captures Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Iran Providing land for troop movement to North Africa. The Axis pushes into North Africa by land taking Egypt.

The Allies secure the Mediterranean Sea and in an attempt to get a better foothold on Europe enter Sweden and attack Finland. With the Axis focused in the Middle East and North Africa the Allies have great success in taking 1/7th of Finland.

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