April 11, 1861. In Richmond, a number of protesters citizens go to the square and criticize the government, an hour later, there were about - 2500, soon some of them started a fire in the authorities. The reasons for the uprising and coup followed because of the high taxes, and over slavery (mostly)

April 12, 1861. About 12 thousand citizens of these, about 1,000 slaves and about 120 soldiers marched through the city to protest, destroying signs and more. After two hours, the protesters killed and trampled representatives of local authorities, according to estimates - 89 people, including 3 th appeared civil. They were dumped all US flags in Richmond, Montgomery and in other towns. The Civil War.

April 19, 1861. The entire city of Richmond belonged protesters (the Confederates).

April 24, 1861. This uprising took Jefferson Davis (representative of the US Democratic Party)

4 February 1861 to open a temporary Congress of the Confederate States of America, where six states have announced the formation of the new nation - the Confederate States of America.

March 1, on the independence of Texas has announced that the next day joined the Confederacy, and in April-May, after the Battle of Fort Sumter and the announcement of mobilization in the north.

11th of March. At the session of the Congress adopted the Constitution of the Confederate States of America, which replaced the act earlier Interim Konstitutsiyu.Eti 6 states have adopted a constitution and elected their President former Senator from Mississippi, Jefferson Davis, who took office on February 18, 1861.

Alabama became the capital of the Confederacy in Montgomery, and after joining Virginia -Richmond. These states occupy 40% of the entire territory of the United States with a population of 10.1 million people., Including more than 3.6 million blacks. On October 7, the Confederation entered Indian territory, the population of which has not been loyal to the Confederacy or (most of the Indians were expelled from the territories, which were formed on the site of slave states) on the abolition of slavery stopped talking everything.

Fighting began April 29 1861 the battle for Fort Sumter in the harbor of Charleston, who, after a 34-hour bombardment was forced to surrender. In response, Lincoln declared the southern states in rebellion, declared a naval blockade of the coast and issued a proclamation on the recruitment of 75 thousand. Volunteer army. Proclamation of the set affected the position of the swing states: Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee voted for secession.

North and South called for volunteers for the army, and the first time wishing it was even more than was required. However, enthusiasm is very fast asleep, because of what had to introduce laws on appeal. In April 1862 the South announced the conscription of persons aged 18 - 35 years, except for the Negroes, officials and priests. In July, a similar law was published in the North. In addition, the Army entered the North are many immigrants: 177 thousand. From Germany and 124 thousand. Of Ireland.

By the fall of the eastern theater of war Union possessed a well-armed army under the command of General George McClellan, who became from November 1, chief of all the armies. McClellan appeared incompetent commander, often avoiding action. October 21 part were defeated at Bells Bluff near the US capital. Much successfully implement the blockade seaside Confederation. One of its consequences was the capture of 8 November 1861 the British steamer "Trent", which was carrying Confederate emissaries that put the US on the brink of war with Great Britain.

January 9, 1862. States: South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, part of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, were already fully a part of CSA, and were written in the official part of the state CSA.

1862. United Kingdom, together with Spain and France to help CSA. Russia has chosen US aid, to help the ally.

By the summer he was released Missouri, Grant's troops and entered into northern Alabama. Russia wins the battle near the border with Texas and captures several small towns. However, a month later a fierce battle, Texas has again become wholly owned by CSA. A week earlier, Russia jointly with the United States tried to lay siege to Richmond, the attempt was unsuccessful, but in this skirmish killed Confederate 1398, and only 91 Russian soldiers and 164 US military.

1863. The end of the US Civil War. result: the formation of CSA, a gust of alliance between the US and Russia, the United States takes the currency CSA - "The dollar Confederation" for 20 years, and pays in a year on the development of the country's 5 million dollars until 1883.

The government has weakened the slave trade. It was possible to pay off the owner.

1865. Revolution in Bavaria, and later in the whole of southern Germany. After some time, learning about revolutions in the German lands of the CSA begins to actively sponsor and send volunteers.

1866. As a result of the help and ideological interventions in southern Germany formed a CSA-dependent state - "South German Confederation", with the capital in Munich.

1867. The sale of Alaska USA. The rejection of the "Confederate dollar", a return to the US dollar. Austin signing the Treaty on "the independence of the two countries."

08.12.1867. The abolition of slavery in the United States. But with restriction.

1870. The formation of a "United Germany" with its capital in Berlin. Concessions To The Confederates. However, in some States, there is growing dissatisfaction. Later, in early June sparked the coup in the city of little Rock. The mass strikes of slaves and workers.

Soon some States have demanded the restoration of the integrity of the United States. The mass execution of citizens, 1/3 of the population fled to the United States. At the end of August, excitement is suppressed, the government decided to conduct a series of reforms.

1871. The Franco-German war. The confederates attempted to intervene in the war, sent ships with supplies and money, but learning about the U.S. government taking a decision about the immediate seizure of these ships. The capture went well, without much loss, but after a few days guessed by the government. At this time, in Austin, there was another uprising, with a new slogan - "bring Back the integrity of the States, at any cost!". Under the sponsorship of the United States, at the end of the year, the rebels were already controlled by the 5 Western States of the CSA.

1873. The CSA government decides to give autonomy to Texas and Arkansas, and give the right to collect local government.

1874. The US is unhappy, the end of the civil war in the CSA, send their "ideological sons." However, a month CSA offers to sell Kentucky and Arizona to the USA, where the United States immediately agrees, but first pays half the cost, and just a few days in Austin erupted a new uprising of "full accession of Confederation to the United States." The government is taking maximum measures to ustaleniu uprising. Having been defeated in "the Austin coup", the army of the Confederacy was taken prisoner, where half the military were exempt, under the pretext - "mass escape in the United States."

The transfer of the capital to Jackson, 1-th convocation of the "Parliament of the True Confederates".

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