This is the timeline of the Mix Match Colonies, It begins in the year of 1340 of the discovery of the Canary Islands and ends in the year of 2012. The timeline will cover all of the world nation's major activity. It will cover the wars, exploration, peace treaties and many more wonderful facts about this alternative history.

This Article Will Be In Continue Development As This Alternative History Grows!!!


  • 1341- Castille releases map of the "known" sea routes, islands are placed on the map west of the African coast. Sparks interest of adventure for Europe.
  • 1341- Kingdom of Sardinia gets a military alliance with the nation of France.
  • 1342, July- Knowing of these Islands, Sardinia goes and explore the islands themselves.
  • 1342, December-The Kingdom of Genoa's spy succeeds in reporting that Sardinia naval power trickled down because of the exploration.
  • 1343, January- The Kingdom of Genoa declares war on Sardinia and The 1st Genorise conquest of Sardinia begins.
  • 1343, November- The Kingdom of Sardinia successfully defends and conquers the Island of Corsica, The war ends and Genoa will cede Corsica to Sardinia and will pay the damage for the war to Sardinia.
  • 1343, December- The Sardinian exploration team reports back to the Sardinian Government and says the Islands do exist and it would be wise to set up a port at the Islands which they name it Bellaterra Islands (real life it would be called the canary Islands).
  • 1343, December- Kingdom of Athens asks for a Royal marriage with Sardinia.
  • 1344, January- The Kingdom of Venice sees this opportunity of a weak Genoa and Declares war on them, This begins The 1st Venician War of Aggression against Genoa.
  • 1344, April- As the war Genoa involved in continues, they change they economy focus onto warfare and less on trade.
  • 1344, July- The Crown Of Aragon collapses and two nations are released Kingdom of Sicily and the Kingdom of Naples
  • 1344, July- After the 1st Genorise Conquest of Sardina, Sardina recovered and from the money they received from Genoa thay set five hundred citizens on they new Sardinian Settler Navy with a fleet of four ships to Bellaterra Islands.
  • 1344, November- As the Venician war went ahead Venice conquered all their lands and Genoa and Venice signed the Treaty of Milan (1344). Genoa will cede all of their Crimean territory to Venice.
  • 1345, January- Sardinia declares war on the rest of Genoa, France dishonors their alliance with Sardinia and the 1st Sardinian conquest on Genoa begins.
  • 1345, March- Sardinia sends a diplomat to Gascony for a Military Alliance to strengthen relations for a possible war with France.
  • 1345, April- The Kingdom of Gascony accepts their military alliance with Sardinia and immediately sends their troops to the border of France.
  • 1345, June- Sardinia annexes Genoa after the war with Genoa.
  • 1345, July- Sardinian settlers land on the Terrabella Islands.
  • 1345, September- As France can see there are military forces on their border, and they received an Insult to their king from the Kingdom of Miaroca.
  • 1345, November- France declares war on Miaroca and Gascony sees this as an advantage to actually win a war with France, they declare war and Gascony gets allied with Miaroca. The 1st French Conquest begins.
  • 1346, January- As the War wages on France, England sees this as an opportunity to expand their Normandy Possessions in Northern France, England goes onto the side of Gascony.
  • 1346, April- As both sides in the southern half of France are going though war exhaustion, Gascony and Miaroca calls a peace treaty on France called the Treaty of Auch (1346), France cedes Saintes to Gascony and Clermont and Angoumous to Miaroca also releasing Kingdom of Brittany as a new nation.
  • 1346, July- England has conquered all of Northern France Including the Ile-De-France, England sets up Treaty of Picardy (1346), France will give all of Normandy and Artois to England and will release Kingdom of Flanders as a new nation.
  • 1346, November- Kingdom of Scotland asks for a military alliance with the Kingdom of Conacht.
  • 1346, December- Conacht accepts a Military Alliance with Scotland.
  • 1346, December- Kingdom of Navarra asks a Military alliance with the Kingdom of Granada.
  • 1347, January- The Pope declares a crusade against Morocco. Papal State, Athens, Serbia, Sardinia, Venice and Friesland declares war on Morocco in an approximation of two months.
  • 1347, March- Conacht declares war on the Kingdom of Brefai, Scotland joins on Conacht side. While The Kingdom of Hebrides and Man sides with Brefai on the 1st English Isle War.
  • 1347, March- Sardinia forces land on Morocco and they land in Tanjah.
  • 1347, April- Papal State lands in Ribat, Morocco.
  • 1347, May- Venice lands in Nador, Morocco with little resistance from the Moroccans.
  • 1347, June- Conacht overwhelms the forces of Brefai, and Conacht annexes Brefai, Scotland is being invaded by the Hebrides and Man and now that Conacht can focus on Hebrides and Man, the tides are turned.
  • 1347, July- Morocco surrenders all of their land and the pope declares the the Papal State, Sardinia and Venice shall come up with an agreement by the next year to split the land.
  • 1347, August- Kingdom of Granada declares war on Castille, Navarra honors their alliance with Granada.
  • 1347, August- The crown of Aragon warns Granada and Navarra to not be "greedy".
  • 1347, September- Crown of Aragon declares war on Castille.
  • 1347, October- Scotland and Conacht signs a peace treaty with the nation of Hebrides and Man, Hebrides and man cede Isle of Man and Isle of Skye to Scotland and pays Conacht the damage they did to the navy.
  • 1347, December- The conquest of Castille come to an end with Castille will cede Bilbao and Giljon to Navarra and will cede Cadix and Conforba to Granada and Granada and Navarra and Castille greed that Castille will release the Kingdom of Leon.
  • 1348, February- Aragon signs peace with Castille and Castille will cede Toledo.






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