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In this timeline there have been lots of superpowers. This is probably due to the fact that Europe never fell into a dark age

List of Superpowers

Early Superpowers (Pre-American Colonization)

  • Rome- After the splitting of Rome by Julius Nepos, Rome became a great superpower. Rome had connections to a lot of the known world. During the 700's Rome founded the Latin League. Rome still currently has a lot of power in the world. During the 730's Rome's economy went into a depression and that ended Rome's history as an early superpower.
  • Gallia-
  • Byzantium-
  • Tang Dynasty-
  • Khmer Empire-
  • Arabia-

Later Superpowers (Post-American colonization)

Rivalries between superpowers

The best known rivalry between two superpowers would have been the Gallian- Roman rivalry. During the early periods of this TL Rome and Gallia both had a tremendous amount of power. This rivalry never sprouted into a problem like it did with later Roman- Gallian rivalries.

Current Super Powers

Potential Super Powers

Londonium (Early Exploration)- Londonium has a great potential for becoming a world superpower because of its great ties with Gallia and its large economy. Londonium is predicted to gain enough power in the year 2012.

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