The World Series, also known as the Fall Classic, is the annual championship series for the American professional baseball league, the MLB. The game, since 1902, has pitted the winner of the American League pennant against the winner of the National League pennant. The reigning World Series champions are the Brooklyn Dodgers.



List of Champions

Year American League Result National League MVP
1902 New York Yankees 0-4 Philadelphia Phillies n/a
1962 New York Yankees Philadelphia Phillies
1963 Yorktown Indians New Orleans Zephyrs
1964 New York Yankees Havana Athletics
1965 Yorktown Indians Brooklyn Dodgers
1966 Milwaukee Brewers Havana Athletics
1967 Milwaukee Brewers Cincinnati Reds
1968 Halifax Scotties Brooklyn Dodgers
1969 Detroit Tigers Philadelphia Phillies
1970 Halifax Scotties Brooklyn Dodgers
1971 Boston Paddies Havana Athletics Christopher Walken
1972 Boston Paddies 4-0 Texas Rangers Willy Hansen
1973 Boston Paddies 4-1 Brooklyn Dodgers Christopher Walken
1974 Boston Paddies 4-0 Brooklyn Dodgers Willy Hansen
1975 San Diego Padres 0-4 Brooklyn Dodgers Chuckie Rogan
1976 Milwaukee Brewers 1-4 Chicago Cubs Bill Gregory
1977 Boston Paddies 4-2 Chicago Cubs Christopher Walken
1978 Boston Paddies 4-3 Brooklyn Dodgers Teddy Perry
1979 Long Island Sounders 4-2 Philadelphia Phillies Lane Ryan
1980 Boston Paddies 4-0 Tacoma Rainiers Jim Boggs
1981 Long Island Sounders 2-4 Brooklyn Dodgers Tim Keaton
1982 Long Island Sounders 4-3 Philadelphia Phillies Elroy Wade
1983 Yorktown Indians 0-4 St. Louis Cardinals Tom Bass
1984 Detroit Tigers 1-4 Los Angeles Angels Ron Blaithe
1985 Boston Paddies 2-4 St. Louis Cardinals Tom Bass
1986 Memphis Giants 3-4 Tacoma Rainiers Rex Beuer
1987 Boston Paddies 4-0 Los Angeles Angels Shanny Edders
1988 San Francisco Pirates 4-2 Los Angeles Angels Pete Starr
1989 Yorktown Indians 4-2 St. Louis Cardinals Andy Pouherd
1990 Boston Paddies 2-4 Vancouver Pioneers Jerry Pondexter
1991 Detroit Tigers 0-4 Vancouver Pioneers Jerry Pondexter
1992 Detroit Tigers 4-2 Havana Athletics Ryan Stoole
1993 Miami Suns 4-3 Havana Athletics Luis Chavez
1994 Boston Paddies 4-0 St. Louis Cardinals Mark Thesper
1995 Miami Suns 4-1 St. Louis Cardinals Eduardo Montoya
1996 Miami Suns 4-3 Philadelphia Phillies Victor Alvarado
1997 Halifax Scotties 4-1 Pacifica Beavers Jack Hustad
1998 New York Yankees 4-3 Vancouver Pioneers Kenny Sanchez
1999 Baltimore Orioles 4-2 St. Louis Cardinals Tyler Kelly
2000 Covenant Chargers 4-1 Los Angeles Angels Fred Miller
2001 San Diego Padres 4-3 Texas Rangers Julian Lopez
2002 San Diego Padres 4-2 Texas Rangers Julian Lopez
2003 New York Yankees 0-4 Texas Rangers Edgar Reyes
2004 San Diego Padres 2-4 Los Angeles Angels Mike Ramone
2005 Detroit Tigers 4-2 Tampa Bay Marlins Tony Luffa
2006 Detroit Tigers 3-4 Vancouver Pioneers Russ Mickens
2007 San Diego Padres 4-0 Colorado Rockies Ronaldo Pineda
2008 Covenant Chargers 2-4 Cincinnati Reds Victor Alvarado
2009 Covenant Chargers 4-1 Cincinnati Reds César Cabelo
2010 San Diego Padres 4-0 Atlanta Braves Jake Cletter
2011 Long Island Sounders 3-4 Brooklyn Dodgers Mark Jarrett
2012 Covenant Chargers 2-4 Brooklyn Dodgers Javier Andrade

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